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The feedback I receive is essential.

Ever since I started my mission here at back in 2001, one of my pillars has always been to connect with people who reach out to me. I like to connect with all kinds of people, and I’ve learned so much from that.
Through the years, many people have expressed how Yogahealer has helped them and how much it has touched their lives. That’s important. It keeps us shaping new and improved material, but it’s even more important for others who are yet to join us.
I’d like to share with you some of the stories that shed light onto why this works so well.

“I’m all about teaching Yoga with kids. Cate has helped me see where I can make an impact and a difference. Through this course, I discovered where best to spend my time. I unearthed my shadow issues with accounting and tech skills. Now I have more time for my kids while being more successful at my business. And I love delivering my Signature Program.”

Krista Strayer

“I have way more drive than I ever knew since upleveling my Yoga career with Cate. I’m a much more dynamic human being than I expected. I thought I needed someone else to take care of me. I learned I have way more drive than I did when I was just teaching Yoga. Now I’m able to make a great living for myself. And, I get way more appreciation from my students in my programs. Their depth of transformation is way more than I could offer when I was just teaching Yoga. I’m so grateful. Plus, I’m on track to doubling my income.”

Gracy Obuchowicz

“Cate, this course is amazing. It has opened me up to whole new possibilities of health and lifestyle that I never even thought possible before. It has changed my life, my health, my habits, and those of my family in ways unforeseen to me before I started the course. I cannot thank you enough! You have blown my entire world open with new possibilities for my personal health and wellbeing, that of my family, and for my career and life. THANK YOU!”

Fernanda Grisetti, LAC member 2013–2014

“For the first time in my life, I’ve begun to create routine and supportive structure in my daily life. My attitude about routine has shifted from resistance to desire: the more routine in my days, the happier and healthier I feel! I’m now attracted to daily routine rather than repelled. I do it because I love the way it makes me feel. Cate has taught—and modeled—so many ways I can steer my own bodyship. I now realize that being healthy involves a whole way of living, not just a few magic potions or astute diagnoses. One of the most precious aspects of Living Ayurveda for me has been the repetition and the length of the course. Cate is so right when she says that being told something is not at all the same as really using the information in our lives. I am beginning to TRUST MYSELF. This is huge.”

Marial Shea, LAC member 2013–2014