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YBC- after the interview

Uplevel your wellness income

Congratulations. You passed the Interview.

The YBC program is a big deal. You’ve made it this far in the registration process. I only take people into the program I firmly believe can succeed in creating and delivering a unique and potent signature system and take your career through an income upgrade.

By now you know I’m not looking to register dozens of people in this very specialized program. This is a serious program and requires a serious investment. The money investment is actually the easy part, even if that seems like the hardest part. The real investment in this program is investing in yourself, your career, and showing up to do the work. I believe in you, or you wouldn’t have made it this far. Do you believe in you?

YBC is a Big Decision

It’s a big decision to join us and take your wellness career and your income to the next level. I don’t know about you, but I like to be very informed before I make a big decision. I’m made you many videos so that you can get very comfortable with what this is all about before you join us.

I don’t expect you to watch all of the videos. However, they are all here for you. If you’re receiving financing from a family member or friend, by all means, share this page for them to better understand what they are investing in. Full transparency works better for everyone.

Definitely watch the first video. It’s only 15 minutes, and it’s what really matters. You need to get a sense that this is possible for you.  Then, if you want more information, schedule  2 hours to watch the videos below. YHC Certification is a big deal, and I want you to be completely informed. If you have questions about YHC, make sure to watch ALL OF THE VIDEOS before your follow up appointment with Cate.

YBC Members and Yoga Health Coaches Talk Career + Income

I made this short 15+ minute video for you to have a sense of the program and the results people are experiencing. I’d rather you hear it from those who are a few steps ahead of you in the program, than for you to hear it from me. People both in the Yoga Health Coaching and the Yogahealer Business Course tell their stories about upleveling their income from working with Cate. (The difference in the programs is that the YHC members use Cate’s Yoga Health Coaching for their signature system. YBC members create their own signature system).


YBC : Members on Stage @ Yogahealer Retreat

We filmed this at the first Yogahealer Retreat in June 2014, with a few of the Yogahealer Business Course members who were present. I want you to see how people come in with different experience, all with the desire to help our clientele around the planet become healthier.

Read What’s Included in YBC: The PDF

There is a certain gravity, or groundedness to seeing in writing. Click to read or print the overview of the YBC Signature System program.  I’ve also included inside-the-forum clips at the end of the PDF for you to get a sense of our YBC member community. Our community is very connected and connecting. If you get a feel as you read that you would like to be in a community like this, if you feel like you’ve longed to be with other wellness experts who want to step up their income and impact, then I invite you to join us. The PDF also outlines the nuts and bolts of how the program works. Pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out what awaits you.


Investment + Return:

Many ask if there is a guarantee on investment. I cannot guarantee your income as a result of this program. The program is designed to help those accepted into it to earn a $20,000-$60,000 increase on their annual income. We are seeing those results in the YHC members. However, while I can guarantee that I will train you in how to do this, I can’t guarantee you will do the work and go through the transformation. Only you can guarantee to yourself that you will commit to the program, step-by-step, even when the going gets challenging.

If you’re not up for your next invention, you’re not a good fit. If you are ready for your next invention, go ahead. You have my permission to join the YBC Signature System program.


View the Investment Plans. If you are ready to reserve your spot, and enter YBC Prep School, you can sign up from the investment link.