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Yoga Teachers Increase Your Income

redesign your yoga career

You are here because you sense you could have
more ease in your life
& more money in your savings account.

Hi – Cate Stillman here.
I’m ready to help you increase your impact and your income. Most of us yoga teachers and healers don’t have business strategy sessions very often … if at all. I’m opening the door for you to take your wellness career to the next level. I did. And so have dozens I have helped do the same … while staying true to their center and their genius.

Listen to the audio below to understand how to shape your career in line with your dream lifestyle. After you listen, you can reach out to me for a one-on-one conversation. To apply to talk with me click here.

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“Cate, thanks for being the one to bring the conversation to the table. I’ve made most of the “common mistakes” you talk about. I’m ready to stop doing that! I’m glad I don’t have to learn the hard way anymore!”

“Wow… this call really resonated with me. I’m so inspired to know I can grow my income doing the work I love… But you’re right, Cate. I’m using an outdated model and hitting barriers. Thanks for proposing real solutions for me and my students!”

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I am interested in talking with serious yogis and healers who want to explore the next step in leveraging their wisdom to make a greater impact and income. This is a real conversation focused on helping you get grounded in what is possible in your business. If you would like to apply to talk with Cate for FREE, please Click Here.