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Alchemy of Urine Therapy: Where Science Meets Spiritual with Fabian Farquharson

Alchemy of Urine Therapy: Where Science Meets Spiritual with Fabian Farquharson

Podcast Intro:

The Yogahealer Podcast is back with another episode! Fabian Farquharson, a controversial figure, joins us on the show. In the form of urine, the 37-year-old Interior Designer from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, discovered an alternative kind of medicine. After having stomach issues that experts couldn’t explain in 2013, Fabian began researching alternative drugs and holistic remedies.

Fabian decided to alter his nutrition by switching to a “fruitarian” diet, which consisted exclusively of raw fruits, and he noticed instant results. This aroused his interest in alternative health methods, and he began researching drinking urine before deciding to try it. Within half an hour of taking his first sip, he claims he began to feel the effects.

Fabian is eager to share his thoughts with others and discuss alternative health theories. It’s time for Fabian to discuss what he’s learned about alchemy and the science of drinking fresh or stale urine. Stay tuned to know more!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How do we develop cardiovascular metabolic illnesses?
  • How can someone  be identified by their urine?
  • How can urine produce light?



  • Cate tells a story about this  guy from Canada who runs the urine metabolism project
  • Cate talks about the VEDA, the tantrics or the Fountain of Youth
  • Cate talks about how the new approach to urine therapy could help people who had childhood trauma, accidents and injuries in the community.


  • [01:40] – [02:17] Why does urine therapy work?
  • [02:17] – [20:51] Amino Acids and How it Works
  • [21:18] – [35:56] Alchemistry


  • “The point I make is with the urine, is that it’s interconnected. It’s interconnected with everything.”
  • “when you take that out of the body, it now becomes a living material matter entity, as an electrical beam with the millivolts charge”
  • “When you come out, you were born. That was an effect. That effect was your physicality, which dropped down into electricity.
  • “The magnetism is the mysterious background and the things that we can’t explain easily due to magnetism.”
  • “When we let the blood flow, and we create a flow within, our field starts to expand.”

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