Ayurveda for Guys with Dr. Eric Grasser

Ayurveda for Guys with Dr. Eric Grasser

I invited Dr. Eric Grasser, my co-host of the 2015 Ayurveda Summit. I love talking to Eric because he totally gets me. We both ski and bike. We both live in the mountains and love Ayurveda for it's lifestyle sanity.

One of my Living Ayurveda Course Mentors exposed that we needed to hear more about men who get Ayurveda. So I brought Eric Grasser on the show to talk just about that. Why is Ayurveda, like yoga, a woman dominated industry in the western world?

We get deep into the underlying issues for modern men to access and tap into into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda for Guys. We layout the issues for men in our culturescape that creates a barrier to entry for the typical guy. As a result of not being tapped into an enlightened holistic lifestyle, men, in general, suffer unnecessarily from a load of stress that wrecks their health, diminishes their dreams, and limits their lives.

Listen in if you want to learn

  • What you need to learn first from Ayurveda for Guys
  • Why lifehackers + biodata are missing a big clue to life hacking at the next level with Ayurveda
  • How to measure your total stress load
  • Simple solutions to men's heart disease issues

What you’ll get out of tuning in with me and Eric Grasser

How to support your guy's wellness
How a typical modern, western guy was trained to not learn Ayurveda
Insights into men's constitutions and career evolution


Dr. Grasser

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To learn more about the culturescape – read: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms


Dr. Eric Grasser is one of the world’s foremost experts in the integration of Functional Medicine and Ayurveda. Dr. Grasser supports his patients through his extensive experience in Western Medical practice as well as his deep knowledge of the alternative healing systems of Ayurveda, Yoga and Functional Medicine.

Favorite Quotes

“Genetics load the gun and environment is the trigger.”
“Ayurveda opens you up… get in touch with your sensitivities…”

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  • Thomas John Wosyluk III
    Posted at 19:51h, 02 August

    I am a male, and this conversation has needed to be brought to attention. So thank you for tackling this forbidden topic of men and Ayurveda in modern times. The pressures on men from society and family to be the provider has manifested great strain on them. Interestingly enough, as heart disease. Does anyone see the correlation, of stress reducing the efficiency of our heart center? Are we so stressed to earn that we aren’t able to be sensitive? yes! Men, we need to honor what we feel and get in touch with ourselves… it’s okay. to not have it all figured out.
    What a brilliant talk you two have strummed up,. I am predominately vata and have always had a sensitive nature and light approach to my lifestyle. This is a wondrous reminder to remain true to how i am, not how i should be according to anyone else.
    I am very grateful to be in this time frame, a period of radical transformation from a long desensitized culture, to a more accepting and receptive place to live.

  • Carol Watchman
    Posted at 14:08h, 04 August

    I really leaned a lot from this podcast. Thank you both. I was left with a greater understanding of my husband and our differences, not just as man and woman but energetically. I have a lot of questions.
    Carol Watchman.

  • Liza Clutario
    Posted at 15:23h, 03 September

    Great to know that, Carol! Cheers,

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