Body Thrive Book Finally on Audible Read by She Podcasts Star… Elsie Escobar!

Body Thrive Book Finally on Audible Read by She Podcasts Star… Elsie Escobar!

Today's show is a bit about my dharma and Elsie Escobar's dharma. Elsie is a good friend and the co-host of She Podcasts, and we've also been podcasting together for years. We first met as Anusara Yoga teachers at trainings, where I noticed she was super cool and super fun — so I wanted to be friends with her! Our paths kept crossing, and she's always had one of the most popular Yoga podcasts around. So, when it came time for me to make a decision about recording Body Thrive as a book on tape (or on Audible, in this case), I realized that I just didn't have the amount of time it required. When I found out that Elsie wanted to record it, I knew that was absolutely the right option. Enjoy a sneak peek of the Body Thrive audiobook and join us for a chat about everything from identity evolution to diversity in podcasting.

I rap with Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts:

  • Why it's important to develop and use your voice to get clear on who you are and feel empowered to deliver messages
  • The first steps of redefining our identities
  • How our culture's loss of the water element is affecting our ability to reflect inwardly and outwardly

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Learn the differences between talking to think and thinking to talk
  • Understand the importance of having someone who's a truth-teller “hammer” in your life
  • See how you can use incremental, kaizen steps to help shift identity evolution


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Show Highlights:

  • 3:00 — Enjoy a clip of Elsie reading Body Thrive!
  • 22:00 — Visuals can be great for delivering a message, but they're not always the best way to get information across. They're often distracting. Hearing things and giving life to our ideas with our voices can help us connect with each other and with information on even deeper levels.
  • 30:20 — Identity evolution is always possible, even when we haven't chosen our own identities and they've been given to us by our communities or the world around us. We have to be willing to let these identities go to grow.
  • 37:05 — So many people start off making changes when they're coming from a place of depletion, not a place of excess. The idea of being able to do something great feels out of reach, but incremental steps are so much more digestible and easy to implement when we know we need to make big shifts.
  • 41:30 — Sometimes, we don't realize we're taking actions that set our bodies up for cellular confusion. We can start to recognize it when we notice we're craving things that hurt, not things that heal.
  • 48:30 — Most sugar (and other) cravings are cured when we start meal spacing. Instead of worrying about what to eat, we should try eating at the same time every day. Our taste buds will slowly attune to what our bodies really need once our digestion gets more efficient through meal spacing.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Beauty, at times, is not necessarily always a positive thing.” –Elsie Escobar
  • “We've gotten to a place where we need to evolve the identity that the world has given us.” –Elsie Escobar
  • “Willingness comes from when you've had it up to herewith yourself.” –Cate Stillman
  • “You have to have that source…that truth-teller in your life.” –Elsie Escobar
  • “If you need something, you have to ask.” –Elsie Escobar
  • “The what is so much less important than the when.” –Cate Stillman
  • “How do I create the habit of listening? How do I have this become a part of my life?” –Elsie Escobar


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