Building Your Influence + Your Team with Your Values with Nor Franco

Building Your Influence + Your Team with Your Values with Nor Franco

Last year, I learned how to codify and lead the values intrinsic in Yogahealer. I learned how to hire for values first and skills second. This learning enabled Nor and me to find each other and to get quick traction in leading the team at Yogahealer into the next phase of development together.

So much flack is thrown at businesses that have global remote teams. Terms like “off-shore labor” often bring dirty business practices and unethical leaders to mind. The idea of saving a buck at the expense of our humanity is where the conversation tends to go.

Nor and I show a whole other world that’s happening simultaneously — a world in which we and zillions of other small businesses are having truly evolutionary connections with remote global teamwork. Like Nor says, “At Yogahealer, we are a mini United Nations.”

Learn from what’s working for us. Apply it to your family, your teams, and your work.


I rap with Nor Franco about Leading + Managing with Values:

  • How values pave the way in leadership
  • How global remote teams can be life-enhancing for their people
  • How to become a better leader and a better manager


What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • Diversify your perspective on teamwork and values
  • Learn the most essential skill of a manager
  • See why teams are effective based on their shared values, not their locations




Show Notes:

  • 5:45 — Working with a global group isn’t “dirty labor”; it’s helping to create an inspiring global marketplace that’s truly enriching lives. The personal ethics of small businesses create an environment where people from around the world can benefit from sharing each other’s skills.
  • 9:45 — There’s a big difference in the mindset of “remote teams” versus “outsourcing.” The team is the most important component, and values can align whether or not the team is working remotely or in person — there’s no difference in terms of ethics.
  • 14:40 — Company culture is what matters when it comes to letting a team of people fully harness their skills. People even get healthier together this way.
  • 22:30 — It’s easy to get excited about work and about being on a team when the work is fulfilling and impactful and the team is cohesive with shared values.
  • 29:20 — There are many ways to become an effective manager, but most important among them is knowing your core strengths. You have to manage yourself first!
  • 33:25 — Just because you’re a good leader doesn’t mean you’re also inherently a good manager. But you can still learn — or outsource those tasks to other team members.
  • 42:00 — When we work on teams, we pool our strengths. Our skills become each other’s skills, and this connection builds shared trust.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “When these teams come together online, they’re creating beautiful things.”
  • “There’s actually no difference between having your people in the same room on the same floor of a building and getting to talk to them online with the technology right now.”
  • “What really matters is that you’re developing a team that is actually cohesive. They actually value each other, and they actually are caring for the welfare of others.”
  • “It’s just amazing — putting these people together in one place.”
  • “Being able to build teams and build trust without needing to meet in person — these are the skills of the future.”



Nor Franco has been a Corporate Executive for more than two decades, and he’s currently a Freelance Management Consultant and founder at He works with over 100 remote workers on various teams and business initiatives. Nor is a Subject Matter Expert on Agile Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Strategic HR, and Lean Management.

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