Busting Glass Ceilings on the Dharmic Path with Grace Edison

Busting Glass Ceilings on the Dharmic Path with Grace Edison

I Rap with Grace Edison, tribe member and yogahealer team member, about busting through self-imposed glass ceiling.

We also dive into  how to clean up your space and aligning your bodies top open the pathway to abundance and thrive. Are your habits elevating or depressing your goals? Listen and reevaluate.

You'll also hear how moving through conditioned beliefs allows up to continue punching through to the next level in her Dharma and career. Become aware of exactly how you are capping our wildest dreams, how to break this habit.

In this conversation I talk with Grace Edison I talk about: 

  • How to remove self-imposed glass ceilings
  • What it looks like to move through fear with making (more) money,
  • Why we don't talk about money openly and how we can start to shift this cultural shadow
  • Cate asks Grace what it was like to step into Dharma and leave her old job to pursue Yoga Health Coaching and her role with Yogahealer.
  • Cate announces a surprise for one of the Yogahealer team members

What else is in this Episode :

– Grace opens up about what it felt like working in a job that wasn't fulfilling. Cate spills the beans on how much money she wants to make by 2020.
– How to follow the shakti to awaken your dharma

Links from the Conversation:

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income


Grace Edison is a ball of fiery energy from Canada who works in admissions for Yogahealer. She found Cate over a year ago through her Body Thrive program as she was searching for ways to find relief for her life long battle with bi-polar depression.
She has been working in the financial planning industry for 10 years but recently realized she needs to help people align with their bodies and purpose before helping them get clear on their financial goals.
She is now a full time Yoga teacher, owns a small studio in Northern BC Canada (and is on her way to becoming a Yoga Health Coach) – oh and she has a son and daughter who are 8 year old twins!

Favorite Quotes

One of things that frustrated me early on, that I saw as a major cultural shadow, was that people didn't talk about money! – Cate

I'm interested in how does one go about procuring in exchange for Dharma. I've done it messily at times but it's always been Dharma first. – Cate

Most people are all wrapped up in drama and missing the boat on Dharma – Cate

As a financial advisor I wanted to work with yoga teachers, because I thought they were making so much money – look at the work they do, it's amazing. And then I was devastated to find out that they were broke, and not making barely enough for what they were exchanging. – Grace

I started to realize that there was income ceiling after income ceiling that was self imposed. – Cate
When you grow your currency, you are simply exchanging more of yourself in the market place – and I'm not saying it's the only way but boy it's effective!
I'm coming out of the closet. I'm into making money, and I'm into helping other people make more money who are doing good things in the world – because that's just helping them affect more change, empowerment and leadership – Cate


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