Cancer Incorporated with Dr. Ralph Moss: The Dark Side of Cancer Care

Cancer Incorporated with Dr. Ralph Moss: The Dark Side of Cancer Care

Cancer is a topic that hits close to home for almost everyone. If you aren't one of the one in three people who have been diagnosed with cancer, you almost certainly know someone who is. While there are many unknowns about cancer, treatments, and prognosis, we are learning a lot every day that is helping to improve survival rates. With experts like Dr. Ralph Moss leading the way to uncover the best approach for cancer treatment, we are well on our way to finding hope in any diagnosis.

Dr. Moss discusses the vast and controversial history of traditional and alternative cancer therapies, the rising prevalence of cancer diagnoses, the numerous causes of cancer, and simple things we can do every day to lower our risk. Cate and Dr. Moss navigate a cancer diagnosis and what steps a newly diagnosed person should follow.

What you’ll get out of tuning in: 

  • Dr. Moss's backstory about cancer
  • Overview of Cancer Industry 
  • How does chemotherapy destroy the cancer patients
  • What is immunotherapy and what is the effect on cancer patients
  • How to help to minimize the risk of cancer
  • Why aren't oncologists trying to reduce chronic inflammation?


Show Highlights:

  • One of the big developments in cancer over the past few decades has been the development of targeted drugs.
  • Many people were cured of advanced cancers at Memorial Sloan Kettering way before radiation was discovered, way before chemotherapy was discovered.
  • The first chemotherapy people came out of the poison gas program of the US Army, as well as the British and the Germans.


  • 15:15 – 17:09 (Targeted Drugs and What's happening on the Immune System side)
  • 29:41 – 30:27 (Toxicity, Doses are too high, and High Price)
  • 45:25 – 46:12 (Genetic Diversity in Microbiome)


  • “The actual benefit of the drugs that are approved for the treatment of advanced cancers, and particularly chemotherapy.”
  • “Cancer is that within a tumor, there's a hierarchy of danger.”
  • “For most kinds of cancers, the checkpoint inhibitors have just become another desperate thing you do at the time that the person no longer has any other options.”
  • “Quality life is never measured, cure is extremely elusive.”
  • “The only people who are going to solve it are our public awareness of what's going on, what's going on, then coming down to the average oncologist.”