Cate on the Dharma of Podcasting

Cate on the Dharma of Podcasting

I rap with Podcast Movement 2016 about creating conversations on your own terms via podcast. Learn how the podcast is the glue that holds the community together.
In this episode I also bring up what is happening in collective leadership in the Yogahealer Coaching Team. You'll hear all about my incompetencies and growing edges as tribe leader. Hopefully you'll hear soon how we're having breakthroughs as a team as I become a more competent leader.Enjoy.

What you’ll get out of tuning in 

  • Brene Brown's BRAVING checklist  
  • How Cate uses BRAVING in Collective Leadership  
  • Why Cate started podcasting
  • What happened at PM16
  • Why you want to podcast
  • How to use a podcast for buy-in or onboarding
  • Creating conversations on your own terms
  • Know the values of your tribe



Cate started her podcast in 2012 to make it easier for her tribe to find the audio files from Ayurvedic experts she interviewed for the Living Ayurveda Course. Almost 4 years later the show is reaching 1/2 million downloads with signs of gaining serious traction. Learn what really happened behind the scenes.

Favorite Quotes

The podcast glues the tribe together.
Cate Stillman
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