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Cate’s Journey with Urine Therapy and Ayurveda

Cate’s Journey with Urine Therapy and Ayurveda

Podcast Intro:

If you’re like most people, you were taught to think of urine as a waste product since you were a child. But urine has long played a significant role in holistic medicinal traditions around the world. And this surprising health treatment has been gaining popularity around the world. The idea of Urine therapy might startle or disturb you for a bit, but listen first. What if I told you that urine is almost as essential as the expensive supplements you intake for amino acids? What if urine can help increase your genetic potential to have more oxygenated blood? What does Urine Therapy have in maintaining a ‘healthy lifestyle? That’s how Cate Stillman started her journey towards Urine Therapy.

Taking care of your body is essential. From exercising and eating healthy foods to practicing urine intake to increase your genetic potential, many scientific, pseudoscientific, or natural methods exist to strengthen the body. Listen to this episode on wellness, lifestyle, energies, and science come together to improve your well-being and open a new perspective to ideas towards Urine Therapy!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How learning ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is the ‘gateway to the infinite.’
  • Why it’s crucial to understand the levels of ORP and its effects to the body.
  • How urine correlates to amino acids in building better genetic potential.
  • What pushes the ‘Vata’ energy to a point where it can no longer support a body’s functionality.
  • How the concept of integration and disintegration allows you to better understand life.



  • Cate emphasized how the community interchanges the term “evolution” and “aging” when it comes to urine.
  • Cate explains her Dharma talk on “Emotional Eating.”


  • [01:08] – Oxidation Reduction Potential
  • [04:28] – Stance of Technology towards understanding Urine
  • [05:30] – Medicines and Amino Acids
  • [07:54] – Vidya: Alignment to a Higher Plane of Knowledge
  • [08:49] – Integration and Disintegration
  • [09:27] – Abhinivesha: Fear of Death
  • [11:06] – Eastern vs. Western Science
  • [11:16] – Cycles
  • [14:13] – Vata
  • [18:30] – Fear of Oxidized Field
  • [19:17] – Self-identification


  • “You don’t want to live a life of safety over adventure. Because that’s not living.”
  • “Fear of living is ‘Vata’ energy in the negative state. It’s in a pathological state where it can no longer support a body’s functionality. In a way, a person is said to be ‘not free’ or ‘afraid.’”
  • “We are always eating life. We are fulfilled because we’re in the flow. We do not do things out of the flow, because that might be countercultural.”
  • “If you are not afraid of the truth, then you are not afraid to live.”

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