Detox, Rejuvenation, + the 3 Causes of Disease

Detox, Rejuvenation, + the 3 Causes of Disease

It’s 5 am and I just left my house for my yurt to turn on my propane stove. The earth is crunchy with frost. The sky is crazy clear, the stars bright white in sharp contrast to the deep black sky. The air is freezing. It’s October 3 and change is in the air.

Ayurveda is very very serious about the opportunity that arises when change is in the air. Air is, well, air element. And change signifies air element is even more airy fairy than usual. Business as usual is when a season is thoroughly underway. Between seasons there is a shift. Vata increases. The veils between the heaven and earth open up. In this opening we have a choice.

The choice is this: we can step into our potential by doing a deep dive into who we are becoming or we can blow it off and stay with business as usual.

Most people stick with business as usual, which is why most people living in the US medicated or struggling with chronic health issues. The health issues may be small, not so bad, like constipation, anxiety, insomnia, acne, headaches, PMS, joint pain, digestive discomfort. You know, small stuff, nothing that is going to kill you.

And yet, over time small stuff becomes big stuff. Just ask any banker about the effect of compound interest. Your body is compounding imbalances over time. When does the constipation become colon cancer? When do the digestive issues become an autoimmune disorder?Change is in the air- yogidetox

In this Q+ A Sesh I talk with the Yogahealer tribe about:

  • The BIG opportunity when Change is in the Air
  • The difference between a big shift and a 5 degree turn
  • Parinama and why optimizing seasonal junctures creates a pathway for the next season

What we mention in this Episode:

  • How to rejuvenate without focusing on food
  • Why food is just one fifth of a healthy detox
  • How to design a seasonal shift that is right for you
  • Where to go for the support you need to step into who you are becoming
  • How to support your family in optimizing seasonal rhythms together


Links from the Conversation:


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