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Dharma, Your Values, + Community Activism with a Book Club

Dharma, Your Values, + Community Activism with a Book Club

IDharma Yogahealer V+V received this email (in full print below) from Jen Churchill about a month ago. Jen had just finished hosting a Body Thrive Book Club on the high school campus where she teaches yoga and raises her 4 kids.
Jen’s experience as a book club leader was riveting – what one woman can do with a book to create change on a residential high school campus – I had to get the inside scoop.
In today’s podcast I talk with Jen Churchill and the tidal wave of change she created. I also talk about what I’m observing and co-creating with collective leadership at in hopes of stirring up a deeper conversation with you about that in the future.

In this conversation with Jen Churchill we talk about:

  • Teenagers, habits and wellness evolution
  • Ayurveda for families and moms
  • Why we lose weight with earlier lighter dinners
  • Upleveling education based on your values

What I mention in this Episode:  

  • The dharma of our educators… passing forward the missing pieces
  • You’re already rich! You have values!
  • Children teaching parents the family values
  • Raising families based on family values

What else we mention in this Episode:       

  • Collective evolution
  • Collective leadership

Links from the Conversation:

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