Does your Career Work for Your Dosha?

Does your Career Work for Your Dosha?

Do your Dharma + Your Dosha Get Along?dharma, dosha, career, yoga, wellness

Elsie Escobar and I rap about doshas, time/space, work and dharma. It’s actually not a techie episode, lest we use tech that doesn’t fit our dharma. Instead, we have a down-home conversation about making time, space, career, and dharma work for you… instead of the other way around. Really this show is about dharmas and doshas getting along.

In this conversation, Elsie Escobar and I talk about:

  • How to redefine your time and your space
  • Why some of us want to go big, and others want to go home
  • What happens when conversation doesn’t have depth
  • Why you want to invent, design, and systematize a career model that works for you, your body (prakruti), and respects your vikruti – or how you go batty.

What I mention in this Episode:


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