Experience Your Doshas Meditation

Experience Your Doshas Meditation


1. Allow your breath deep in so that awareness in your body grows stronger and refresh

-The breath moves the tissue of the body.
-Movement of the breath massages and circulates the waters of your body.
-Within the dosha itself there is the consciousness of connectivity.
-The prana is smart. All parts of your body are enlightened as the prana moves.
-Allow that information, sensation and emotions to be received.

2. Notice vata and prana

-How would you describe the concept of vata healing?
-The emotional body wants to absorb more healing energy.
-It is filled up by simply the direction of your awareness.

3. Breathe deeper, expand your awareness

-Just notice the signs

4. Now move the awareness to pitta

-Move your awareness to your solar plexus
-Feel the red in your blood -It gives you warmth, it is the fire to change, the capacity to learn.
-Feel your own intensity, warmth, burning desire, direction, power of digestion for food, ideas and reality.
-If some part of your body wants to digest something, take a moment and let the power of pitta help.
-Take a moment and think how you would describe this concept of pitta in your own experience, trusting your intuition.

5. Shift your attention to kapha

-Move your awareness to your own sense of flow and juiciness.
Notice the stability of who you are and the earthiness of being alive.
Feel the stability of who you are in this form.
Notice the power of being here.
Kapha sustains your mental and emotional stability.
-Take a moment to receive your kapha, the force of emotional, spiritual, relational nourishment.
Let kapha nourish you for a moment.
-How would you explain kapha to another person?

The more adaptive we become with the doshas we can make better choices-in alignment with optimizing our experience.
We keep the elements in balance (pitta, vata, kapha)-This way we are in tune. We make choices moving forward.
The trilogy of opposites- We refresh with the air element of vata. Then we focus on pitta and kapha

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