The Feminine Side of Ambition with Grace Edison

The Feminine Side of Ambition with Grace Edison

Grace Edison appears on the show again in deep turmoil. As she hits new targets of success she has been aiming for, “mom guilt” arises. On one hand she knows she is up against outdated ancestral patterns about what it means to be a good mother. On the other hand she knows that her success is good for her children, especially her daughter.

I talk about the woman who helped me navigate this a few years back. Her words affected how I choose to raise Indigo, and the person she is becoming.

I rap with Grace Edison about Mom-Guilt, the duality that can exist with success and motherhood – must we choose? Can we have both and do both well?

  • The feminine side of ambition
  • Grounding yourself as you expand
  • Where lifestyle design intersects creative parenting

What you’ll get out of tuning in with me and Grace Edison

Ideas and perspective shifting tips on how you can be a present mom and live into the success of your Dharma. How to get creative and skillfully balance your feminine ambition alongside being a nurturing mother with more purpose and less guilt. How to create your own parenting model, building what works for YOU!

Stepping outside of the box with confidence – you are not alone!

We take a moment to talk about and get present with what we’ve seen (exampled) and touch on working through past patterns and ancestral work.

How to be more comfortable with success!



Grace Edison is a mom (of 8 year old twins!), owns a yoga studio in Northern BC Canada, runs retreats, is an up and coming Yoga Health Coach, works for Cate in admissions and is leaning into new levels of leadership.

Favorite Quotes

“What came up for me this week is this deep guilt I have around being successful AND being a good mom. Is that even possible?”  – Grace

“We’re taught, conditioned and told that those two things (success and being a good mom) can’t co-exist and I want to change this!” – Grace

“What I have realized, reflectively, in the yogahealer courses is that we ignite ambition, and most women have a masculine experience of ambition at this point – which is that it can be cut throat, competitive, winners vs loser – but when we are more balance, and have a more non-dual experience then there can be a sense of who I want to be, and what I really want – and who I really am!”  – Cate

“What do I need to do, who do I need to become to make that happen (what I want) because I am not that person right now!”  – Cate

“It’s not forcing, it’s not competitive – it’s integrative, cooperative and everyone wins.

“What’s the cost of me playing small – on me, on my kid, on my spouse, on the members in my tribe – what is the cost if I believe in the BS instead of aligning to what is trying to happen through me” – Cate

“Ambition is an amazing asset when we awaken it in a balanced way – between masculine and feminine”  – Cate

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