Integral Permaculture + Learning from Nature with Stella Strega

Integral Permaculture + Learning from Nature with Stella Strega

Stella Strega has been a social justice activist since her teens, discovered re-evaluation co-counselling in her early 20s (major people-care tool) then permaculture design (major earth-care tool) in her early 30s.
She has been setting up & coordinating community projects ever since, dedicating the last 15 years to developing an Integral Permaculture Curriculum with colleagues all over the world, an ambitious effort to unite all that is most effective for getting evolutionary projects of all kinds off the ground & thriving.
She lives in an ecovillage project in the Canary Islands & mentors social change agents with the Integral Permaculture Academy.
Stella Strega is brilliant, fun and will expand your reality in our brief conversation.

In this conversation I talk with Stella Strega about:

  • Cooperation vs. benign manipulation
  • How organizations can learn from plant communities
  • How to evolve human behavior by learning from indigenous cultures
  • Masculine and feminine teachings from permaculture
  • Plant-spirited Activism

What else is in this Episode :       

Links from the Conversation:


From Stella: Right now I am most concerned about raising awareness on how Horizontal Hostility keeps ruining many wonderful projects even when full of very well-meaning people … mostly because of a general naiveté + the cultural patterns we generally find so hard to eradicate, which instead tend to change to ‘polite versions' of the same. Eg. individualism, consumerism, colonialism, lack of authenticity, etc.


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