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Kate O’Donnell on What Women Don’t Talk About

Kate O’Donnell on What Women Don’t Talk About

Menstruation is still a taboo. But why aren’t we openly discussing it? And why are we taught that having your period equals pain when it really doesn’t need to? Menstruation should be viewed as a reckoning. A way for your body to let you know what is working and what is not.

In modern western society, there is a lot of shame regarding not only menstruation but also topics like fertility, perimenopause, and menopause, and the result is confusion. At the same time, all your reproductive phases feed off each other, and your choices today heavily affect your future reality. 

In this episode, Cate Stillman and Kate O’Donnell talk about how you can deal with all phases of your reproductive cycle in a way that will ensure you make the most of all of them.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What women don’t talk about 
  • Why you are getting a difficult period
  • How to easily transition to menopause

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • Cleaning excess pitta after ovulation
  • The period can be a detoxing process
  • Fertility and the need to focus


  • 1:48 The conversation around menstruation
  • 7:12 Adjusting your activities to  benefit your period
  • 13:45 Having smoother menstruations
  • 18:39 Surrendering to your body’s intelligence and fertility
  • 24:15 Urine therapy and hormone treatment during menopause

Guest Bio:

Kate began yoga by accident in South India at age 20. More than a dozen extended trips to India and twenty years studying the wisdom traditions of the sub-continent support Kate’s understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga.

After years of dedication to the Ashtanga system, Kate has experienced great benefit from this practice and was authorized by her teacher Sharath Jois to teach the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. She teaches week-long mysore immersions annually in Portland ME, Boston, and abroad.

Kate also specializes in Ayurvedic education, cooking skills, and cleansing programs, offering online programs, residential immersions and trainings, and individual consultations.  Her Ayurveda and yoga offerings aim to help others come closer to their true nature.

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