Living a Detoxed Life with Kim Constable

Living a Detoxed Life with Kim Constable

I invited Kim Constable of to be a guest teacher in the April 2017 Yogidetox. She created a beautiful library of yoga videos to accompany her detox program. Today we talk about what living a detoxed life is like, with kids, with work, with life!

From Kim Constable:

I've recently forayed into the world of bodybuilding and as a vegan competitor, I am hugely in the minority. People are curious and fascinated as to how I can eat enough protein to build the muscle necessary to compete at this level of fitness. Yet, as a vegan, I find my body responds instantly to small changes I make and that I actually have an advantage over other competitors who often sacrifice their health, to make it to the stage.

I'm very passionate about veganism. We do not need to eat animals to survive, yet we continue to do so without thinking of the repercussions. I believe that all life is sacred, and needs to be protected. I believe that humans actually thrive and flourish on a vegan diet, more so than any other.

This is why I choose not to send my children to school. My aim is to teach them HOW to think, not WHAT to think. School produces children to fit very nicely into the system, and I am passionate about my children doing anything BUT fitting into the system. I want them to be free thinkers who question everything. Truly I am passionate about encouraging people to think more, and challenge the status quo. I do this by challenging people's deep rooted, often cultural beliefs about the way the world works.

I rap with Kim Constable about Detoxing with Yoga and Food:

  • What being adaptable feels like
  • Why you want to know about Identity evolution and your cravings
  • How to break the detox/retox cycle


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How Kim feeds her kids
  • Why Kim is obsessed with learning about the liver
  • Why life gets easier in a detoxed body




Guest BIO:

Kim Constable is a vegan eating, yoga teaching, bodybuilding, homeschooling mum of four young kids. She owns two online companies – Deyogatox and The Sculpted Vegan. She is passionate about health, fitness and finding out what the human body is capable of on every level. Get in touch with her on facebook page.

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