Make More Money Workshop in your Wellness Career

Make More Money Workshop in your Wellness Career


In this podcast episode, I dive deep into:
  • How to uncover your story to reveal where you can help others the most.
  • How to turn people’s questions, comments, frustrations, and feedback into solid income.
  • How to co-create a  lucrative movement with the people you can help the most.
  • How to get your peeps an amazing return on investment (ROI) so that you can make a fantastic living and have the time you need for self-care

Be-Aware: 7 Ugly Pitfalls for Wellness Experts in the Connection Economy

  1. The biggest pitfalls in growing your career.
  2. Why you don't want to create an information product
  3. To blog/podcast/write newsletters/post to FB or not to… what is the best use of your time?
  4. Social media is so superficial… and you crave DEPTH!
  5. You want to charge more – but fear people will go where it’s cheaper
  6. You don’t know how to substantially increase your income given everything else you have going on in your life.
  7. Working on your brand, your voice, your social media presence before you have a better business model in place.

Three of your Deepest Desires

As Wellness Experts we want 3 things. We want time for the life we want to life, we want depth in our relationships with our clients, and we want our life to matter.  We want 3 measurable outcomes:

  1. Time (for self-care, relationships, fulfillment, growth, exploration, relaxation)
  2. Depth (of connection to those we most want to serve)
  3. Impact (we want our life to make a difference in the lives of others)

If you want all this the best way I have found, in 15 years of aggressive exploration into business models for wellness experts is to have your own signature program. I used my story as someone who found a lot of room for improvement in Ayurvedic education to start teaching my first signature program online: The Living Ayurveda Course, back in the dark ages of 2007. Here is a quick synopsis of my career: I, Cate Stillman, founded 2001, Yogidetox in 2002, Yoga Health Coaching in 2014.

  •  It doubled my income immediately,up your income
  • I was able to bring my own voice to the table in my teachings of ayurveda and yoga
  • I structured it to work over time to a greater depth than in any other area of my work.
  • My students wanted more.
  • I started to develop my own voice, my own teachings, and my own story.
 Notice what came first. The Signature Program came before the branding, or even knowing my story completely. It all evolves together, and often out of sync, and always is a co-creation with the students. That is why is it so freaking effective.
If you really want to make more money – you need to build, deliver and sell your own Signature Program.
signature program infographic 3-fold(1)

Click to Open Your Signature Program Map

10 Steps to Design, Deliver + Sell Your Signature Program

  1. Get out your How to build your Signature Program Map
  2. Own your personal story
  3. How can you short-cut the path to deep transformation? How can you use your story to find your unique genius?
  4. Use word of mouth to find first clients
  5. Co-create your Signature Program with your Pilot Group
  6. Get Results for your clients
  7. Get Testimonials
  8. Refine Your Signature Program
  9. Learn how to sell, based on results, and connecting people to their growth potential
  10. Do it again, and again, making it better with each turn of the wheel. Add another level of depth once you have your baseline program. Add a mastermind level.

Apply for the Signature Program training before the April 1 price raise.

You learn:

  1. How to do this in real time. Many students make an phenomenal ROI during the program. 
  2. How to plan your time to hit your income targets
  3. What you need for your website
  4. What you need for your social media
  5. How to use the best technology
  6. How to get inexpensive highly skilled labor + develop a great techie assistant to help you each step of the way
  7. How to manage this as a professional project
  8. How to sell in a way that feels great to both you and your prospective clients.

There isn't a better program out there for Wellness Experts and Experts-to-be. The other programs are filled with filler, and not results focused in real time.

How to get a great Return on Investment for your Training

What does this look like for you?
  1. Write down your income from 2014: __________
  2. Now double it. __________
  3. What would you do with the extra money, assuming you make it in the same amount of time or less time? I sometimes get blocked here. If you get blocked, just image it’s play money you had to spend or invest in the next 30 days. How would you invest it?  Retirement? Real estate? A personal retreat? A sabbatical? Travel? Put a kid through college?
  4. How would your life be different if this was your reality?
  5. What is not taking action, or getting this type of training, really costing you?
  6. Write it down. you need to know this. Staying in this place is costing me _____________________________________________
  7. What are you actually willing to invest?


If you want to add 50,000 to your Wellness Income…

Let's just say your magic number above is $50,000. I remember when my income went up by $50,000 in a year. It changed my life. I moved to Mexico the next year to SUP surf 6 months a year. My kid is now bilingual and bicultural because I made more money. I can ride big waves because I'm no longer landlocked. Those things were important to me, at the time. What is important to you at this time? Remind yourself from your answers above.

Let's say you want to make $50k more a year. Maybe you're at $50k, which is common, and you'd like to break six figures before you turn into a really old person.

What are you going to need to invest in order to make that? That depends on the ROI. The average Roth IRA investment returns at 7% return for long term investment. That would take way too long for me to be satisfied with. I prefer more like a 700% ROI if I add a little blood, sweat and tears to my initial investment.

Let's say you want an 800% return on your investment to make $50,000. You would need to invest $5500. Yet, what irks me to no end, is that most holistic wellness experts I know would rather put that $5500 into a ROTH IRA instead of investing in raising the bar in their own ability to make more money. This wouldn't be a problem if they were already making what they wanted to make. BUT THEY ARE NOT!
I’m so glad i’ve placed more stock in myself than in the stock or bond market. Because I have, I enjoy owning a few properties, spending half the year in Mexico, traveling, studying with the best teachers I find, and enjoying a quiet, private life with plenty of time for my personal practices an core peeps.
Not to mention I care so deeply for my clients and course members. Most people stay with me for years and we build deep, long lasting relationships. Only people in my courses come on my retreats – so the intensity and depth is guaranteed, and the retreats teach themselves. My delegation and assistant management skills have developed so that I work exclusively in my zone of genius.
But you have to start now.
Here is how you start.
Apply for the YBC SS. The price goes up April 1. I’m taking 20 new students on a 9 month journey. Apply. You’ll have a strategy conversation with Alex. We’ll see if indeed can earn the ROI you’re interested in.

Apply for the Signature Program training before the April 1 price raise.

 In closing, people often tell me it’s not the right time. That’s when I know they’re in deep – in over their head – and they’ll probably never get out. You need to reverse your thinking.  You need to reverse engineer your life. Start with when you want to make that doubled income by. Is in 12 months? 24 months?  Is it 6 months? what number gets you excited, and a little nervous? That is the number you want. Now, is the time to start to work to there.
  • What are you going to have to do?
  • What guidance do you need?
  • What tech?
  • What sales training?
  • What kind of admin or tech assistant?
  • What peer support?
How do you best succeed? Remember when you were in a state of flow, and the ease of things coming together. Chances are you were in community, with others, feeling supported, or guided from others and from within. This is how it can be.
Make it easy on yourself to get a good ROI. Going it alone is slow, hard, and way less fun, and has no proven track record or guarantees.

The Q+ A Bonus Audio

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If you loved this podcast and want to know what happened after we recorded… we kept going! Get the 30 minute bonus Q+A audio. You'll learn:

  • Why my courses aren't Info Products.. and why yours shouldn't be either!
  • How to work this in a Non-Profit Model (for schools, kids, etc.)
  • Where to start if you're not yet an expert
  • Why Boomers ( and 60+ers )Love the Signature Program Model

Apply for the Signature Program training before the April 1 price raise.


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