Mentoring Teens on the Habits from Yogis from Ayurveda

Mentoring Teens on the Habits from Yogis from Ayurveda

About 12 years ago I witnessed Maya’s birth. I was there in the role of birth doula, but I wasn’t much help. It was my first birth. Maya being stubborn, was a little stubborn about coming out. Twelve years later, Maya is fired up to test the habits in Body Thrive. She wants to see how good she can feel.

In this role as a mentor to Maya on her Body Thrive journey we kick off how I always kick off. I want to know exactly what success looks like for the person in front of me. Often people aren’t quite sure. They haven’t put names or numbers to the future they want to experience. We start by getting a clear picture of what Maya “feeling better” is to Maya in her 10 week journey. And she drills me back on her questions about the habits of Yogis from Ayurveda

I rap with my Pre-Teen Friend Maya about the Body Thrive Habits

  • Why you need to set the target before you start the journey
  • How to decide which habit to direct most of your attention
  • Is snacking the root of all evil for teens?

What you’ll get out of tuning in

Listen to get a sense of coaching-in-action. If you haven’t worked with a health coach and you want to see what it’s be like, no matter what your age, eavesdrop on our conversation. Also tap into the power of mentoring and instigating mentoring relationships in your life.


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