How to Build a Better Online Course Experience with Eileen McGurty

How to Build a Better Online Course Experience with Eileen McGurty

Eileen McGurty went from professor to online educator back in 1999. I didn’t start teaching online until 2007. In either case, we were way ahead of the curve in online education. In this conversation we discuss what is happening with education of the human species.

Our short attention spans aren’t a problem. They are part of our evolutionary edge. Online education is leading a revolution in us getting what we want – the next action to take – to learn.

Eileen has a bone to pick with those who through up an online course and put their heart and soul into marketing. Those teaching online should pay more attention to the results their students get from the experience. Learning how to teach and learning how to teach online is key.

I rap with Eileen McGurty about

  • How to improve your teaching so it sticks
  • The 3 parts of the Content Sandwich
  • The biggest mistake most online educators make

What you’ll get out of tuning in    

From Eileen McGurty
Want to teach? Make a sandwich! 

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About Eileen

I work with aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches who want to create inspiring and profitable online courses.

After nearly 20 years teaching online at universities, I stated my business for coaches and entrepreneurs who wanted to serve their students with the highest quality online learning opportunities.

My goal is to help you turn your passion, knowledge and desire to serve into a dynamic, interactive and distinctive online course.


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