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Change Your Life Course


Is it time to Change YOUR Life? In the 10-day Change Your Life Course, Cate guides you on a fast path to the chapter of your better life.

Clarify what isn’t working, what you want, what you need next, how you will get there, and who you’ll need to make it all happen. In this training, you will decode your next purpose and synergize an effective plan for your better life.

You can change your life.
Your better future is waiting.

How does Change Your Life Work?

Ignite Your Ambition, Clarify your Vision
Every person has a noble aim, a higher purpose. That noble aim changes in the chapters of your life. If your aim is off -life becomes more difficult and less meaningful. In part one of this 10-day course, you’ll realign your aim and ignite your ambition.

Align Your Time, Uplevel Your Space
Your vision involves how you will use your space and your time. In the next chapter of your life you need a smarter schedule and a better environment to flourish. We take your time and your space very seriously. So will you in part 2 of Change Your Life

Find Your People, Map Your Plan

Once your ambition is ignited and your schedule and space are aligned you have a much better shot at winning in the next chapter of your life.

  • No more excuses.
  • No more stalling.
  • No more self doubt.
  • No more vacillation.

What You’ll Achieve in the Next 10 Days

  • Identify your Next Purpose
  • Receive 1-1 Coaching
  • Engineer your Space
  • Who are your Influencers
  • Navigate Changing Times
  • Innovate Your Calendar

Take the Change Your Life Course. You’ll be glad you did in 10 days!

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