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Immune Workshop


In this workshop, Cate will teach you how to build your Immune System better with Ayurveda
Through webinar, e-books, and audio downloads Cate will teach you exactly what you need to do
to restore your immune system and cultivate deep energy.
“I listened to the recording for Immune 101. It is wonderful and sooooo valuable – my daughter listened to some of it with me!”  — Rhonda – Canada.

Top 3 lessons in Immune Building Workshop

  1. Ayurveda for your immune system.
  2. Lifestyle, diet herbs essentials for building integrity
  3. Troubleshooting immune dis-ease

Listen to the webinar. You’ll get a philosophical overview into your immune system, in all of its complexity, from an Ayurvedic perspective. You’ll also be inspired to make specific habit changes to help your rhythms build deeper energy.

The webinar is inter-generationally centered. Get insight that will help yourself, and those you care for …children, aging parents, yoga students. You will be stimulated and informed to build a bigger energy reservoir in your cells. Don’t miss out on how you can feel.