Ruthless Self Care for Yoga Teachers – Elena Brower

Ruthless Self Care for Yoga Teachers – Elena Brower

Elena and I first met eons ago at Inner Harmony. We're talking 2003. Now, 12 years later we're in the next decade of our lives. We each have a kid. Elena is still in New York and I'm still in Idaho. We've both grown in our respect for the traditions, practice, and philosophies of yoga and Ayurveda.

Our conversation centers around coming clean as we mature on the path. Tap into the following, and share with your yoga pals.

  • Evening Routines, food, kids, chill time
  • Ayurveda and rituals
  • Cooking for your food body
  • Home-making as an art time
  • Emotional intelligence vs. intellectual intelligence
  • Coming clean and experiencing the high from great food and great habits
  • Pratima Raichur and seeing a true Ayurvedic Guru on your healing path



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