“Shivambu” or Urine Therapy with Brother Sage

“Shivambu” or Urine Therapy with Brother Sage

Is it healthy to drink urine? What are the risks and advantages of doing so? Many individuals are debating whether or not Urine Therapy is genuinely beneficial. Urine Therapy also includes healing from within for you to have a better living. By meditating, self-care, and calming your energy down, you'll have a more precise place or a new canvas that you can paint your new painting or create the next phase of your life.

People who are firm in their urine treatment practice, who have unwavering faith, are attracting all of these people who have given up on the medical industry. But some of those who talk about urine therapy fail their clients because they don't address the four pillars of health: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. To level up and increase the quality of your life, you must purify your mind of all unconscious death stuff, self-destructive impulses, self-hatred, and everything else that is cruel and unloving to yourself.

In this episode of the Yogahealer Podcast, Cate Stillman talks with Brother Sage about Shivambu or Urine Therapy. He will share the science behind it and why the centuries-old practice works.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is Urine Therapy?
  • How Brother Sage got started in Urine Therapy
  • How Molecules are Reabsorbed by the Body
  • What is the Consumer to Creator Shift?
  • What is the future of Urine Therapy?
  • How Urine Therapy Has Helped People
  • What are the Properties that Make Urine Therapy Work?
  • How Shivambhu alkalizes anything that it touches
  • Why Shivambhu is an Intuitive Medicine
  • Why Shivambhu Works



  • Brother Sage’s Journey of Urine Therapy
  • Celebrities that used Urine Therapy
  • The Science of Shivambhu
  • The Unbelievable Results of Urine Therapy
  • Brother Sage’s Background


  • [2:03] Global Scope of Urine Therapy
  • [3:00] The Definition of Urine Therapy
  • [4:26] Getting Started in Urine Therapy
  • [6:45] The Rise of Brother Sage’s Career
  • [8:00] Brother Sage’s Discovery on Urine Therapy Practitioners
  • [8:32] Journey with other Urine Therapists
  • [8:51] Training Other Therapists
  • [13:39] From Consumer to Creator
  • [15:31] Reabsorbing Nutrients and Molecules
  • [19:30] Introducing Urine Therapy to People
  • [22:22] Openness to Urine
  • [23:42] The Trajectory of Urine Therapy
  • [26:20] The Results of Urine Therapy
  • [27:00] What Urine does to our Body
  • [32:31] Leading by Example and Sharing Information
  • [35:00] How Urine Therapy Helps with Sleep
  • [36:24] Brother Sage’s Tips


  • “Anything that is unkind and unloving to yourself has to go in order for you to up-level and improve the quality of your life.”
  • “A teacher and a therapist are one of the same. They just wear different hats or call themselves something different.”
  • “There are times when you must part ways with your guru and go on your journey alone because they can only take you so far.”
  • “You can calm yourself down by calming your energy down and meditating. Then you'll have a clearer place or a new canvas where you can paint your new painting or create the next phase of your life.”
  • “You never know what to expect on this journey.”
  • “If you're going to talk about a controversial subject that polarizes people, you might as well have a good time.”

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