Siddhis and Samskaras on your personal wellness journey

Siddhis and Samskaras on your personal wellness journey


What are siddhis and samskaras? Let’s get our terms straight.

A samskara is a habit. Habits are good if they enhance you in the long run. Habits are bad if they destroy you in the long run.
Siddhis are “supernormal perceptual states are states that are beyond what is typically within the purview of the normal range of perception.” (I like that definition from the wanderling.)

When I first learned about siddhis I was in Yoga teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in our 4 month Yoga Sutras class. We were knee deep into book 3 and for the most part if was over my head. (The classical yoga interpretation didn’t help land it for me). Fast forward 16 years of practice and I have a clue as to siddhis. My perception has expanded, beyond my previous normal range.

Thankfully, I’ve found that yoga works. Ayurveda works. Meditation works. Yes – we need to give our practices laser-sharp attention, review, and time. And more time. And over time, the practices make us more. That is what this podcast is about.

This episode is also an invitation for those whose lifestyle isn’t helping them show up and do the practices that will give them what they want from life. If this is you, you’ll get a inspired when I start talking about Body Thrive, my program and new book that is coming out August 20th. If you want to ditch outdated habits and uplevel your special powers, check it.

In this podcast I talk about:

  • Does your life aggravate Your Body? If so, what to do about it.
  • How to transform negative samskaras into siddhis
  • What happens when people refine their habits

What I mention in this Episode:

  • Body Thrive – my 10 week program that up levels your habits
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, vidya, shani, darshana, + tapas

Links from the Conversation:

Does Your Life Aggravate Your Body?

If so, and you keep up your current state of affairs, you’ll aggravate your aggravations and things will get worse. You’ll get stiffer, fatter, and grumpy instead of more fluid, graceful, fun, and sparky. Your reality reflects the micro-habits you make, which directs the lens in which you view your life. Your micro-habits expand or contract your reality. Better habits open your lens to attract better ideas or contract it into patterned thinking. You can choose the habits of stress or ease. Your choices will aggravate you or heal you. Choices can be intentional and effortful, or mindless and careless. How will you design the world you live within? You craft your inner universe — how it’s organized, how it’s run, the vibe, and what comes of it all. What is the organization of your organism? What is your vibe? Are you fluid, connected, contented? Are you chaotic, stressed, over-scheduled, bloated, or depleted? I crack the code of the 10 essential, daily body habits from the deep and ancient holistic wisdom of Ayurveda by developing a simple curriculum that every person should learn as a child for their body to thrive. Ayurveda is the ancient, perennial, body wisdom tradition that co-arose with yoga, the path of enlightenment and fully embodied living.

Let me explain. The yogis of yore deeply explored human consciousness as such. Through their 4+ millennia of guru-to-disciple personal experimentation, the yogis (yoga path people) and vaidyas (Ayurveda path people) discovered that consciousness in the mind and spirit is wired through physiology. Matter equals Energy. When we open and strengthen the body’s subtle energy technology, we open the mind to higher thought. We open the emotions to bliss and interconnectivity. We open the capacity of our spirit, and our physical body is better off in the present and the potential future. The body is wired for ecstasy, what the yogis call bliss. Our biochemistry is our pharmacology. The practices from yoga and Ayurveda teach you how to turn on and subtly optimize your biochemistry. The ecstasy is actually internal – better named enstacy. As we age, we have more capacity for bliss on all levels of being — physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual.

Inversely, most modern humans miss the boat completely and age themselves with physical, mental, emotional, or relational degeneration. Most degeneration is
preventable, and therefore optional. The messages in this book are strong and simple. When we embody the 10 habits from Ayurveda, we will thrive. By becoming vibrant, dynamic human beings on a growth path, we are a boon to ourselves, our families, society, and the planet. This is an invitation to step into Body Thrive for your personal health and for the bigger whole that you are a part of.

The foundations of Body Thrive:

  • To align with our biorhythms, we need to detox our habits. In doing so, we detox
    our bodies, minds, emotions, and even our kitchens, homes, and lives.
  • When we combine the habits of Ayurveda with habit evolution science and
    evolutionary group dynamics, positive change accelerates, stabilizes, and then
    accelerates again.
  • Once we detox, we will naturally live in alignment with the circadian and seasonal
    rhythms. We will experience the best time of our lives from living in cooperation
    with our bodies and our ecosystem.
  • People in groups evolve faster than people working one-on-one with a
    practitioner or coach. Investing in a dynamic evolutionary wellness group is a fast
    ticket to success. Join my next Body Thrive group.
Cate Stillman
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Welcome to We’re all about vibrant health evolution, both personal + planetary. Let’s step deeper into dharma and an awake life together. Start with your Yoga Lifestyle Upgrade Kit + Upgrade your body, your dharma + your life.

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