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My Jewish Colon + the 10% Shift

Dear You, So, you've been reading my blog for a while now, right? Keeping an eye on the conversation? Having an occasional revelation or chuckle? Well, I'm glad, but let me ask you… What has changed in your day-to-day life? Do you do things different? Do you feel better? Are you more awake and interconnected? Do you live more at-ease than overwhelmed? Let me guess… You've been overextended. It’s hard to implement the simplest of the health evolution strategies when you ’re overextended. You encountered conflicting tactics? You're annoyed with yourself for staying stuck? There's a reason why. To tell you about it, I need...

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There is no perfect time to cleanse

Grab your free week 1 - pre detox guide - print & post on fridge!Greetings people on the verge of cleansing,I had a quick chat with a lovely and dedicated yoga student (we'll call her Jane) at our local coffee shop in Driggs. I was waiting to meet my new manager and had a few minutes. Jane started telling me how she is a dedicated follower of my blog and newsletters and that ...

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Inner Body Aware with Sianna Sherman

Lucky me, I attended the Bhaktifest in Tucson this past weekend with Sianna Sherman, Darren Rhodes, Bronwyn Rhodes and Dave Stringer. Yoga Oasis created a weekend of harmonious yoga love that ended with a the yoga of wine tasting class, with Master Sommelier Laura Williamson.I managed to grab Sianna after our 2 hour wine tasting class, and lucky for us, she acquiesced to this interview. Below is our chat that hits on the transformation of the yoga student, from the outer body centralized awareness to stabilizing around inner body awareness....

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