Inner Body Aware with Sianna Sherman

Inner Body Aware with Sianna Sherman

Lucky me, I attended the Bhaktifest in Tucson this past weekend with Sianna Sherman, Darren Rhodes, Bronwyn Rhodes and Dave Stringer. Yoga Oasis created a weekend of harmonious yoga love that ended with a the yoga of wine tasting class, with Master Sommelier Laura Williamson.

I managed to grab Sianna after our 2 hour wine tasting class, and lucky for us, she acquiesced to this interview. Below is our chat that hits on the transformation of the yoga student, from the outer body centralized awareness to stabilizing around inner body awareness. Sianna tells her stories of peak experiences along the way. (the two parts total 13 minutes)

Part 1

Part 2

Inner body perception opens a universe that is otherwise difficult to gain consistent access.  As that universe opens the rational mind is set into a larger context:  a useful tool, but not the major lens. As inner body perception opens the emotional body is also easier to set into a larger context: a useful tool, but not the major lens. As we start to gain more inner body access (which may or may not be the rainbow of chakra experiences, but simply might begin with having a Self-referential space for the breath to flux and flow) our ability to utilize our other tools via the power of the freedom of choice increases exponentially. Then we start to feel like one of the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses with pairs of arms each wielding a specific tool of choice. A tool which renders superpowers, or simply a differentiated poignant form of directed shakti (or the specificity of the evolutionary impulse).

And how cool is that? Tell me in your own words below. And don't fret about comparing yours to Sianna's. Simply. authentically honor your own knowing. In that honoring you will strengthen the seat of perception in your inner body.

  • How have your peak experiences (and major first time inner body experiences) shifted your perception and the seat of your awareness?
  • How does inner body awareness change the way you (or others you observe) make decisions?

And… Spend a little time with Sianna. The way she easily wields words to help us shape shift our bodies into a holier healthier form seems no short of a goddess at play.

For east coasters interested in this conversation and taking it on and off the mat,  I am heading to Brooklyn March 12 & 13 to explore Inner Body Anatomy from the Living Foods Ayurveda & Anusara Yoga perspective.
Spread the good word if so inclined.

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