Chocolate + Ayurveda: the inside scoop

Chocolate + Ayurveda: the inside scoop

In this interview I talk to Justin Polgar of Yes Cacao! about:

  • How chocolate become his educational art project.
  • Why chocolate is well suited as an herb delivery mechanism (anupana)
  • The difference between what you're eating and his chocolate
  • What WILD chocolate is all about

What we mention in this Episode

  • Why Justin is more curious about the future of chocolate – and what we want from it.


    * What chocolate can do for us. * What we can do for chocolate

    Links from the Conversation:

    • Get Justin's chocolate. Buy a case… as it may take a few bars for you to really “get” it:
    • Free Shipping Coupon: YesYogahealer

    About Justin + YesCacao:

    Yes CaCao was started in 2010 as a research and development inquiry into the medicinal properties of chocolate, as well as it's ability to carry healing herbs, superfoods, flowers, teas, etc. into the body effectively. About 6000 bars were produced from 2011-2013, in small batches, covering over 25 flavors in several iterations of each. We have worked with amazingly talented alchemists to find the tantalizing mix of brilliant flavor with balanced strength. Not just any chocolate would do, so we decided to source our own, with Direct Trade relationships to wild harvested cacao in Ecuador. We are proud to present the Dirty Chocolate Bar, Karma Mellowl Golden Chocolate Bar, and Gaba Baba as our front runners, opening the field for the future of chocolate as medicine. Several flavors are on deck and we welcome your suggestions and requests.

    In 2014 we launched in the San Francisco Bay of Northern California. We continue to find stores that align with our values; shifting the focus from growing as a chocolate bar business to exploring as an educational art project. Stay tuned as we produce, collect, and distribute content to help our customers live empowered lives; whether through changing our relationship to chocolate as a medicine, evolving our collective consciousness, or remembering our innately pure confidence, we are on your team.

    Justin Frank Polgar graduated with a degree in Marketing Psychology: Introspective Humanistic Behavior from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Several jobs attracted his curiosity, from sales in health & wellness, to incentive marketing, to harvesting apples, healing arts, investment analysis, network marketing, artist promotion, t-shirts, etc… a long list of business cards without the deep satisfaction of meaningful purpose.

    With a pure confidence and trust, he stepped into the mystery of mantra, starting each morning with the words:


    Layers of disharmonious life-pursuits dissolved, leaving a simple and refined passion for using chocolate as a vehicle for medicine. Over 10 years of studying longevity formulas, consciousness, and confidence all merged into a single platform for sharing energy, presence, health, wellness, vitality, connection, and of course the powerful word: YES.

    Yes CaCao was officially created on 10-10-10 (just for a little extra magic).

    What you see and what you taste is a hand crafted labor of love. Enjoy and remember to make a wish, then take a bite.

    Cate's Favorite Quotes from the Conversation

    “Most people eat for the first two inches of tongue…not for their whole body.”

    “My Dirty Chocolate bar has 85 minerals.”

    “Don't get your palette stuck on any one flavor.”

    “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

    ” I am in service of the cacao… I'm not flipping bars to make bucks.”founder picture

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