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How to Detox Without Losing Weight

How to Detox Without Losing Weight

Anyone who knows me know this isn’t my personal issue. But it’s a huge issue in the Yogidetox posse. Vata and Pitta bodytypes might find that they love the experience of detox… but can’t tolerate any more weight loss. What is a skinny yogi to do?

What is the Detox Opportunity for the Skinny Yogini?

Detox is a concentrated time where we try new habits on.

Changing habits is hard. During a detox we change a lot of habits all at once. These habit changes aren’t meant to be sustainable. The shift is a Great Leap Forward. We have a great leap. A massive reset. And from this new seat we decide that which is worth maintaining in the day to day.

Listen to the video where Beth and I uncover the opportunity for her to reset her physiology in tune with the rest she needs. We work out an easy plan for her to use the yogidetox to reset:

  • What she does when she arrives at work
  • How she resets her body into a relaxation response throughout the day
  • How she can receive more nourishment from her food
  • Which foods will help her with absorption

The opportunity for the skinny Yogi usually has to do with receiving nourishment. Vata bodytypes often feel unsupported. Pittas often do to, and deal with it more aggressively. Both types end up exhausted, vatas from over-engagement and pittas from overdrive. Both bodytypes have the opportunity to use detox as an at-home retreat. In the yogidetox we reset our physiology just for a week. That might sound like a shock to the system. But when that shock is nourishment, sleep, rejuvenation, a perspective shift happens.

From the expanded view of reality you choose: what habits are worth sticking to in my future?yd-facebook

Detox with a Night Shift Schedule

The nightshift question always comes up in a group detox. What routines can you bring into work?

Listen how Beth talks about her work as a doctor who works a nightshift a few times a week. She delivers babies. She talks about how she is in a stress response while eating. She isn’t absorbing the nutrients from her diet. Her nourishing diet isn’t actually nourishing her cells.

We have an opportunity to evolve each day. This extreme view of evolutionary enlightenment philosophy clues into the detox potential. We listen to what our body/mind/psyche/spirit/relationships need. We respond with effort for a short period. Breakthroughs happen. Even for people with a nightshift.

Detox as Inner Retreat Mantra

When a detox is done as an inner retreat with community support massive positive change happens. When my detox is different than yours based on what I need and what you need we step into the next level of evolution together.

The yogidetox mantra is this: “I’m going to give myself a period to align.” Design your inner retreat mantra. What do you need? To expand? To let go of any subtle energetic stress or busyness? To follow a strict routine of 5 relaxing breaths before you take your first bite? To go to bed an hour earlier? To sit and watch the clouds go by?

What does a week of bliss look like to you? What needs to shift in your schedule? Taking a week off may not be an option. You can’t just dump your kids and do your inner retreat at home. Make this work in your life. Protect your detox week like it’s a pocket of oxygen and you’re under water.

What will happen?
You will gain tremendous insight during your yogidetox. You will know what habits are worth changing for the long haul. Those enlightened habits will have momentum.

beet slaw

A post-video note from Beth

Thanks for the help this morning,

Cate. Something was coming to me that i didn’t say. ( I’m seeing how my sense of worthlessness shadows everything and holds me back. So I’m saying it now!)

At the mindfulness/meditation training that i just returned from, I learned that 5 deep breaths before eating activates the parasympathetic nervous system. I’ve had an intention to do that since i left, and remember sometimes… I thought that this might be a tip that you would find useful in your work.

The sauerkraut came out awesome, by the way. purple cabbage, beet, fennel, ginger and Celtic sea salt. I want to eat it right now and will wait for it to mature.

Dear Beth:
Eat some now. Listen to your body. Give in. Relax. Take rest. And I’m glad you’re in for the support of the group in the process of allowing what is most important to be most important for a week.


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