Ayurveda Detox Tips

Ayurveda Detox Tips

Evolve your detox

I have a 60 minute free lecture on 3 Fresh Tips for your Detox. I could have named the call: Evolve Your Detox. That is really what this call and this post is about. The cutting edge of detox and cleansing and transforming physical, mental and emotional toxins (ama) and entering a higher state of health and  a more awake life.
These tips are fresh because they are basic tenets of an evolutionary healthcare perspective. This is a new perspective that is emerging, that goes beyond any one system of healthcare, or one way of detoxing, or one way of eating. The tenets reflect a global movement of human beings waking up to and playing the edge of their wellness capacity. The tenets reflect a planetary shift of collaboration with the Earth and the plants which feed us, build our immune capacity, and rebuild our disturbed soil.
I recommend all those interested in detox, from beginners to experts, and even teachers of cleansing to listen to the call and respond to this post.

3 Tips for Your Ayurveda Detox:

  1. Take the largest possible perspective.
  2. Don’t get wrapped up in a method.
  3. Be part of a movement.

1. Take the largest possible perspective.

When your detox is seated in the perspective of your human anatomy as being as the current vessel of 14 billion years of the evolution of consciousness some of your neurosis may be minimized. When you allow consciousness to have full access to your body for a set amount of time… the time of your detox… you enable an optimization to occur. In Ayurveda,we call this lining up with Nature. We do specific actions to align with Nature, to align with Consciousness, and allow that which blocks Consciousness to be transformed (digested) by Consciousness. For those new to detoxing I imagine you have no idea what I'm talking about. align your health through detox

Toxicity in this day and age is mostly caused by being out of alignment with how homo sapiens thrive. Stress, diet and lifestyle are the main causes. The toxicity shows up as acidity or inflammation in our blood. It also shows up as a plaque-like substance caused by undigested food.

This gunk is called ama, and it blocks the flow of Consciousness in our physical and subtle body. Toxins also show up mentally and emotionally and also need release for a full detox or health evolution to occur.

Every person comes with an inbuilt radar which can detect that which is healthy from that which is unhealthy. During a detox, we choose to pay attention, and act on what attention reveals

With an evolutionary perspective of detoxing you are essentially giving up all of your habits and tendencies that keep your body in an acidic state or stress pattern. You're also letting go of the emotional drama which may appear in a detox. You're identifying outdated patterns in the way you relate to yourself and others. You're connecting with yourself as part of evolution unfolding, and taking responsibility for showing up from this higher perspective in the future.

2. Don’t get wrapped up in the Method.

Which detox – kitchari, green smoothies, master cleanse, juicing, etc. might not matter as much as you think. Many people are caught up in “My detox is better than yours” or “You shouldn't do that detox if you're that sort of person”. While this might be true at some level, for the most part… most detoxes are good for most people. We live in a world of (1) very available non-nutrient foods and (2) a unfathomable accessibility of good information. We're busy, we're inflammed, we're toxic. Anything you do to reduce your busyness, your inflammation and your ama will render you feeling better. That said, here are 3 components to my Yogidetox Method that you might pay attention to, but don't need to get wrapped up in:

3 components of the YogiDetox Method

  1. Learn how to collaborate with the process of healing. Ultimately, you create the space and line up with Nature's ability to detox you.
  2. Become an active scientist in the body-as-a living-experiment station. Become very curious about your health and energy potential.
  3. Upgrade your Self-Care.

That's it. This is the method I teach in the Yogidetox. You'll hear more in the phone call. Onto the third Fresh Tip for your Detox:

3. Be part of a movement.

You aren't alone – and tapping into the evolving web will bolster your ability to hold a higher level of consciousness in your body. There is a world wide movement of people waking up to:

  • Eating closer to nature.
  • Growing food (through permaculture, urban gardening, kitchen gardening and just gardening period)
  • Discovering the prana in living plants.
  • Waking up to health evolution.
All of this points to the same thing. When you decide to become part of the movement of an awake and aware life, you start to feed your body harmonious to the realization. The inverse also occurs simultaneously. As you do, you become part of a movement.  You become part of a living force in Nature and your actions are synchronized with Nature. At this point, you're part of the solution instead of being part of the problem… on a global scale.
At this stage of human beings detoxing ama we can join a group,  or you can find a buddy, or you can hire a guide. I don't recommend detoxing alone without community and without guidance. Why? The ego is a fickle operator. It can foil the best of intentions. It can undermine the strongest among us. When you join a group or have a buddy you can hold each other accountable for your intentions. You can support intentions into actions, action into better habits. When you detox on your own you not only are more susceptible to momentum of past patterning, you literally don't have the momentous energy of partnership in a larger endeavor. Greatness is possible with this kind of partnership. Plus, it's way more fun and way easier with a buddy.
Listen to the audio. It's better than the blog post. I'm fairly entertaining and multidimensional on audio. Leave me your comments below. Thanks. Cate


Join the Yogidetox movement. 


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  • Sandra Crane
    Posted at 22:03h, 30 April

    Thank you so much for sharing and caring! Enjoyed the talk. I just spent three months in Mexico doing a full mind, body adjustment. Your talk went along with what I learn there. Glad to know we’re on the same page so to speak.

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 22:15h, 30 April

    Hi Sandra,
    I’m so glad to hear it.

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