Detox Cheatsheet: Daily Checklist + Food Guidelines

Detox Cheatsheet: Daily Checklist + Food Guidelines

Print + Post to Fridge for Detox:


Daily Checklist for Detox

Step 1: Redirect to Simplicity
Detox is about less being more. We take out distraction, busyness, complexity. We simplify liquify our diet, and liquidate outdated habits like staying up late and being over-scheduled. Simplify each detox day to that which nourishes, engenders rest, and better organization. The result? A surplus of energy that redirects to cleaning house in your body/mind.


Step 2: Dial down to Zero
Cloud watching. Walking in nature. Time. Space. More time. More space. Meditate. Yoke body with breath. Yoke body with spirit. Yoke mind with higher mind. Deep rest. Quiet time. Put a vicious watchdog on your calendar and protect the process of going within to let go.


Step 3: Purge
Once you’re in the detox zone, your body/mind will purge. You’ll probably start purging your kitchen, your closet, your garage, your emotional baggage… Let it happen. Let your enlightened self choose that which is fit for your future.


Step 4 : Talk to your Agni
You have a fire in your belly. Let it lead the process of incinerating that which is within you that need not be. Make friends with your belly fire .Let ‘er burn. Physical toxins. Emotional toxins. Thought toxins.


Step 5: Evolve Your Integrity
Every ending is a new beginning. What better habits will cultivate your next reality? In your kitchen? In your bathroom? In your bedtime routine? Choose wisely, because after detox you are wiser. You have perspective. Build support + relationships to ground and grow your new normal.



Step 1: Detox your kitchen
The first rule of detox is make space. Make space in your fridge. Make space on your counter. Get our your blender and your juicer. Chuck the junk. You don’t need it anymore and you won’t want it when we’re done.

Step 2: Liquify
You are a liquid medium. Give yourself a squeeze. See? You’re squishy. It’s easiest for the body to absorb nutrients and energy in a liquid medium. Makes sense, eh? You’ll be activating bucket-loads of energy that get lost in digestion/absorption/elimination. You’ll be redirecting those bucket loads to incineration of stuck ama (toxins) – physical, mental and emotional. Make simple juices, broths, smoothies, soups, stews.

Step 3: Green = Clean
Chlorophyll is the green blood of plants. It oxygenates and alkalizes your blood. Greens detox your blood which is carrying toxins from everywhere else. Chlorophylls covert quickly into pure energy. Start the day with a green smoothie or green juice. If you’re in a cold climate, have miso soup with some nori sheets and kimchi.

Step 4: Make your menu
Decide – how much do you want to release? How much do you want to grow? Plan your menu accordingly. For some it may be a strict juice cleanse to drop 15 lbs. For others it may be a higher fat whole foods nourishing diet that focuses on simplifying life and getting more sleep. Put it on the menu. It’s not rocket science.

Step 5: Simplify Food Prep
Put your menu on the fridge. Stock your fridge with what is on the menu. Prepare most/all of your food for the day in the morning. It’s like giving your discipline momentum to catapult you into the next level of body/mind integrity.

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