John Friend Interview on Disease

John Friend Interview on Disease

Enjoy this basic conversation on disease and rhythm with John Friend. I pulled John aside at a party last week, (thanks for putting up with me, John)…. next time I'll find a quiet space!

We delve into the major diseases of cancer and autoimmune issues.

The gist is of Rhythm and Disease is this:

  • Our bodies evolved from universal rhythms.
  • These rhythms show up as nature's rhythms.
  • When you're in sync, you experience great energy… and great health.
  • When you're out of sync, your unified field of energy becomes weak… you experience disease.

Interested in attuning to universal and seasonal rhythms?

My  annual Living Ayurveda course is fast approaching. Move through the next 9 months discovering rhythm and resonance through your inner body and your ecosystem.


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  • sarah hutchinson
    Posted at 16:17h, 11 September

    Beautiful, simple, playful explanation! Makes me feel like doing asana to a drumbeat!

    I love how with John it i always about 1st Principle: Open to Grace, attune, feel…..

  • cate - yogahealer
    Posted at 22:38h, 11 September

    Sarah –
    I hear you about the drumbeat….
    Maya Tiwari used to talk about walking and listening for the rhythm of the Earth’s heartbeat.

  • Pamela Marshall
    Posted at 12:09h, 14 September

    Greetings! When I used to live in Newburyport, MA I would always run with my iPod and would only run with out it during cleanses or just days that I wanted more quite.

    Since moving to rural Denmark, ME and running mostly on dirt roads surrounded by thick woods, farm land and mountains I’ve discovered that running with music didn’t fit and made the experience so effortful. I didn’t understand why my running was “off” I’m out in nature! bring it on! A couple weeks ago I started out and the iPod had low battery quickly died. I kept going and soon realized that my body, breath, thought was so at ease. I could hear the sounds of the woods and birds and even just the sound of my steps. It made the smells of lush green and musky forest floor more potent. At places that I would normaly feel fatigued I instead had so much energy! With out the music I became more SENSITIVE (as John so beautifuly and always simplifies) to the natural rhythms around me and inside me. I’ve since made it a practice to leave it behind.

    Thank you Cate for capturing this time with you and John. So much to learn…..

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 15:25h, 14 September

    Lovely. Are you close to Charlotte Clews? You too should connect.

    I hope you’re joining the Mentors Club!


  • Pamela Marshall
    Posted at 15:56h, 14 September

    Hi Cate,
    Charlotte is about 3-4 hours away is my guess but we’ve connected thorugh email thanks to you.

    On my list today is to apply for the Mentors club. Still would love to be of avatar service as well.


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