Think small, play it safe and improve yourself.

Think small, play it safe and improve yourself.

Many yoga teachers and healers read my blog.

This post is for you.

We have an experience of the infinite in the finite. There will always be more to explore in your subtle body. (Remember… the nature of the subtle and of consciousness is expansive)!

How is the world experiencing your deeper truth?

For over 2 years I've been studying with Craig Hamilton, of Integral Enlightenment. First with Craig's Academy for Evolutionaries; now with Craig's Evolutionary Leadership course, which, have no doubt, influences the Yogahealer Mentors' Club. Craig opened the lens for the universal to access my skillset and prabhava… or opened the world of svadharma in a bigger playing field. Scary to the ego… liberating to the absolute.

The fundamental shift

came from Craig's command to play a bigger game. The ego constricts us into a contracted, smaller world. The divine opens us into an absolute field of energetic potentiality. Picture little toad with a mighty connection.

“Stand up and fight, Arjuna!”

Last week I was teaching the Bhagavad Gita in Immersion 3. A mantra emerged as the theme for our group: “Stand up and fight, Arjuna!” This is Krishna's repetitive, chapter closing command to Arjuna. The big You usurping the small You. The command from the Universe that is You, (everything/everyone else from the beyond time to the now) to uphold the Dharma. Uphold the greatest conceivable truth. How is the big dharma showing up through you?

In the Gita, Arjuna upholds his big brother's war. His big brother (Yudhisthira) is the son of Dharma (God of right action, universal law & order) and human mother (Earth). Dharma protects Shri, or the greater truth that results in goodness and gorgeousness. You are Arjuna, Dharma's kid brother, son of Sky God (Indra) and human mother (Earth). Look back on your actions. Are you acting to uphold what You know with the power of the divine (God)? Or are you just playing small as if you were simply human? Small game or universal engagement?

Protect yourself and your estate.

Take a moment and feel into the consequences of you playing it small. Protect yourself and your estate. You don't really know much. Go crawl inside a cave and mediate until you experience heaven on earth as a permanent shift, and then meditate some more. Or better yet, keep improving yourself as an endless distraction to the bigger game.

Listen to your small, safe self. Study it's matrika. It goes something like this:

  • Once I take this training, I'll be ready to …..
  • I'm really not that good at….
  • Who am I to say….
  • I can't really make an impact….
  • I don't have enough time for my practices and …..
  • This issue is way to big for me to make a difference.

Now, take a moment and pause.

  • You know enough.
  • You're infinite in wisdom.
  • You're infinite in size.
  • You've been privileged with the teachings.
  • You know what needs to be done.

What is the biggest possible contribution you can make in this lifetime?

What is your svadharma?

Get out a piece of paper. Start writing. Commit to writing on this question for 10 minutes each morning for a week. Share your potential contribution below.

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