Dharma Workshop

Dharma Workshop

Dear You,

I created this free workshop for you to get clear on your path and your purpose in the next phase of your growth.

Register for *free* and get instant access to the download & the worksheets.

Register for *free* and get instant access to the download & the worksheets.

Dharma invites you to align, to grow, to change. Dharma demands all that you have been and all that you have learned to be of service to a higher purpose. Usually this requires distillation and refinement.

Attuning to dharma enables you to align your actions based on the understanding that the Universe is dynamic. You are of the Universe… therefore you are dynamic. I call this the ‘dynamic principle”.

To presence (or pre-sense) your dharma is to access next alignment of your life.

To presence dharma is to invite inquiry into the reconfiguration of who you becoming.

Most likely, you will need to use the best skills, habits and relationships that you have to step into your next configuration. Also, very likely, you will also need better skills, better agreements, and better or renewed  relationships to make this next phase of dharma possible. (Otherwise, you would already be experiencing that which you need to grow into.)

Dharma is a moving target. Dharma requires more of us. Dharma speaks through desire, through Raga. As you work through the workshop, don’t be afraid of your desire. Embrace your desire. Access divine desire and let this impulse lead the way.

Let us begin. Take the workshop.

Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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