New Year’s Day Dharma Call

New Year’s Day Dharma Call


Why is New Year's in the dead on winter?
While most earth-based traditions put  New Year's in line with the Spring equinox, our modern culture put it smack dab in the dead of winter for the northern hemisphere and smack dab in summer in the southern hemisphere.

Your Personal 2015 Dharma

Because our culture is swept into a “new beginnings” cycle there is a human momentum happening. Riding this momentum, I feel pulled to wind up certain projects in 2014 and create a fresh start for 2015. We shouldn't make light of this human momentum. We can engage and ride it.

The question becomes what is shifting in your dharma, in your life purpose in 2015? Are you going to take time to pause, to reflect? I am. And I'm inviting you to join me. We're going to take an hour or so on New Year's Day to pause, to reflect, to allow for insight and clarity to emerge.

The other day I was talking to my husband about my career goals for 2015. I could tell from his body language that my goals made him uncomfortable. I figured there was some hidden wisdom in there, a gem in the rough. So I asked about it. He said, “That sounds too stressful.”

I took this in. With my body. And I could feel he was dead on. I could feel how my goals, my intentions, were slightly misaligned. I paused. When I allowed the space to question my goals I discovered 3 things:

  1. My body wasn't resonating with my goals.
  2. The space of questioning those goals allowed for an energetic opening.
  3. Better goals emerged into that space, that created a high feeling of resonance: of being dead on

When I let Winston in on my refined trajectories for 2015 he looked relieved and more engaged. I knew I was now more on dharma with my family. I knew i was more on dharma with my team that helps with Yogahealer, and with my students/clients and future students/clients.

Explore High Resonance Goals for 2015

I decided to clear out time on New Year's Day, when the planetary human momentum around goal setting is at it's annual peak. I want to sit, to reflect, to tap in, to ask the bigger questions. Want to come? I hope so. You can join me. And please, spread the word.

Your Personal 2015
Dharma Workshop
for Body, Purpose, & Life Design
with Cate Stillman
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New Year's Day
3-4 pm ET

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