Ayurveda-matrika – SEO

Ayurveda-matrika – SEO

I wanted to share with all y’all this note from an old friend (who wants so remain anonymous to keep her saweet job teaching Ayurveda to Yogis). This stuff is too good to make up – I’ve edited nothing but her name and employer:


I want to take your courses, your one-on-one — whatever…

I’m a bit stuck and part of it is that I’m studying the old traditional Ayurveda (I’m an instructor at _(fill in the blank)___ U.S. Ayurveda Educational Institution) It is borrowing too much from the old and needs to bring in more of the new, fresh 21st century…but it doesn’t…and I don’t have the energy to look at new ways by myself, because I’m too busy trying to do my job representing the old.

I’m needing a paradigm shift inside me. And when I read your stuff, I think you’ve got it!!

I want to do living foods and clean out my system. do the mentor program, everything I can. But am not sure where to place myself in your system.

please advise.

(Rockstar Ayurvedic Practioner & Educator Shazam)

Well Rockstar Ayurvedic Practioner & Educator Shazam,

This is a clear indicator that you are indeed in the larger spanda moving through holistic wellness at the cutting edge. The only way Ayurveda has stuck it out longer than any other holistic science is through absorbing truth as it is revealed. Many systems embody the timeless eternal truth and dynamic interrelatedness. Good. We need that.
we also need the temporal cutting edge of science, yoga, and technology to explode Ayurveda at the next level of unfoldment. Otherwise your studying, practicing and preaching a dead system. And a dead system Ayurveda is not. Ayurveda (the science of life) is intrinsically anti-dogma and transcending (while including) doctrine in my book.

For anyone who is paying attention to the spanda moving through holistic planetary culture at the leading edge, this is going to include the following keywords.
Here is my Ayurveda-matrika –  SEO

living foods, wild foods, locavore, permaculture, transition towns, community wellness, intergenerational healthcare,  cultural shift,  evolutionary spirituality, nutrigenomics, epigenetics.

For holistic practitioners there are a few more: social entrepreneurs, co-creative entropreneurs, collective entrepreneurship. Practitioners – this is going to require you stop focusing on individuals and start focusing on your community at large.

If you want to join Rockstar Ayurvedic Practioner & Educator Shazam, there are 4 spots left in my Mentors Club. We start next week.

Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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