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Hosting Retreats as an exploration of Collective Leadership with Tina Forsyth

Years ago I turned to Tina Forsyth to teach me how to run Yogahealer. She taught me how to create systems, processes, build team, hire, fire, and a few other key skills that come in handy for growing businesses. Somewhere along the way we became friends.We were chatting a few weeks ago and discovered we were both leading retreats. We were both in retreat prep mode. We decided to go over lessons learned from hosting our retreats.Tina's retreat was for the women entrepreneurs in her community stepping deeper into leadership....

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Ayurveda-matrika – SEO

I wanted to share with all y'all this note from an old friend (who wants so remain anonymous to keep her saweet job teaching Ayurveda to Yogis). This stuff is too good to make up - I've edited nothing but her name and employer:Cate:I want to take your courses, your one-on-one -- whatever...

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