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Ayurveda-matrika – SEO

I wanted to share with all y'all this note from an old friend (who wants so remain anonymous to keep her saweet job teaching Ayurveda to Yogis). This stuff is too good to make up - I've edited nothing but her name and employer:Cate:I want to take your courses, your one-on-one -- whatever...

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What does affordable holistic health care look like?

I came up with a great idea or so I thought to set up an affordable holistic model clinic, here  in the therapy rooms at my yoga studio (YogaTejas). The model was this: a variety of practitioners would use the space one or two days a week  for a low price (ex. $100 for Mondays). Practitioners gain access to the local Yoga community in the valley who are interested in wellness, and have a centralized, local place to spread the word.What I'm really interested in offering is a multi-modality holistic...

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