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The Beginning of Collective Leadership

I’m still on a photo-sharing binge from our retreat. (Hats off to professional photographer, Hannah Hardaway, also former US Ski Team ski champion, which we found out during the brag session).Below are members of all courses - Body Thrive, Yoga Health Coaching, Living Ayurveda, and Yogahealer Business Course. Paula is the LA beauty in the white. I think this was taken during our brag session. Did I mention, we did a brag session?I’ve learned from all the rap I’ve been listening to, plus Mama Gena, that bragging is an important...

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Q & A – studying Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, more on Autumn….

https://yogahealer.com/audio/QA%20-%20what%20should%20I%20do%20next.mp3 1 hour.Listen to this open Q & A session that delves into these topics:Wake up to your own reorganization processWhere are you heading? What are you learning next?https://yogahealer.com/audio/QA%20-%20what%20should%20I%20do%20next.mp3 What is an evolutionary approach to healthcare?Pushing the edge of vibrant health Fully engaged living Open to new ways of being, dropping old patterns Exploring subtle connectivity Helping others become healthier too. Becoming more awake to your universal nature Being part of a members community pushing the edge as a collective.Listen and get inspired to fully line up to your energetic potentiality as the universe-in-action. What is a vibrant wellness...

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