Q & A – studying Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, more on Autumn….

Q & A – studying Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, more on Autumn….

 1 hour.

Listen to this open Q & A session that delves into these topics:

Wake up to your own reorganization process

Where are you heading? What are you learning next?

What is an evolutionary approach to healthcare?

  • Pushing the edge of vibrant health
  • Fully engaged living
  • Open to new ways of being, dropping old patterns
  • Exploring subtle connectivity
  • Helping others become healthier too.
  • Becoming more awake to your universal nature
  • Being part of a members community pushing the edge as a collective.

Listen and get inspired to fully line up to your energetic potentiality as the universe-in-action.

What is a vibrant wellness freedom business?

  • Making a huge impact helping others using what you know.
  • Living a financially abundant life that nourishes you.
  • Using technology to fuel your connection with your community.

Listen as Bobby and I troubleshoot if he can start his vibrant wellness freedom business now, or if he needs to wait until he has more training. Check out how a vision forms into an action plan in a brief 10-minute dialogue!

What is vibrant wellness in Autumn?

First, you have to get a good night sleep. Listen and grab simple tips to grounding your nervous system with simple kitchen spices and foods.

How can you help your loved ones with Cancer?

Listen as we delve into integrating the simplest routines to restore healthy rhythms.

I hope you enjoy our call.


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