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Sacred Anatomy: Lesson 3: Sacred Chemistry

Sacred Chemistry is what happens when we perceive the transmutations and subtle gradients. We allow and observe the energetic transfers between energy (prana) and matter (everything prana can influence). The hard scientists may cringe. Cringe away - we hippie-dippies don't care. And check out the genius work of Dr. John Hankey who is mapping Ayurveda out in hard science. Liberated from a more material approach to chemistry, we are free to see why indeed Ayurveda has been around so damn long and just won't quit....

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Q & A – studying Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, more on Autumn….

https://yogahealer.com/audio/QA%20-%20what%20should%20I%20do%20next.mp3  1 hour. Listen to this open Q & A session that delves into these topics: Wake up to your own reorganization process Where are you heading? What are you learning next? https://yogahealer.com/audio/QA%20-%20what%20should%20I%20do%20next.mp3 What is an evolutionary approach to healthcare? Pushing the edge of vibrant health Fully engaged living Open to new ways of being, dropping old patterns Exploring subtle connectivity Helping others become healthier too. Becoming more awake to your universal nature Being part of a members community pushing the edge as a collective. Listen and get inspired to fully line up to your energetic potentiality as the universe-in-action. What is a vibrant wellness...

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