Q+A for Yogi Detoxing

Q+A for Yogi Detoxing

I put the word out in the last email about your questions for your next seasonal detox. I got back a slew of questions… and here are the ones I answer in the video.

You can also just download the audio. And – you can print the 5 Steps to Your Detox Cheatsheet here. It’s all about connection and nourishment – not deprivation.

This video is packed with progressive conversation on:

  • Detox + eating disorders
  • Detox obsession + Craving detox
  • Dealing with mainstreamers during detox
  • Families detoxing
  • Athletes detoxing
  • Pregnancy/Postpartum and the at-home-retreat
  • MS + Immune stuff and detox

I tried to make it short and sweet and jam-packed a ton into 35 minutes. Enjoy and please share!!!

5 steps to Yogidetox Quick Guide

Questions asked and answered in the video:

Spring vs. Fall Detox

What are best/common detox living liquids/smoothies for spring vs. fall?
Or is that obvious, just what’s in season? What about predetox recipes for spring vs. fall?

Detoxing For Pitta/Vata

Hi Cate,
These days, I’m perplexed on how to best eat for vata-pitta constitution. It seems I’m a combo of both (one not more dominant than the other, even a bit of kapha thrown in for good fun). What’s the best way to cleanse for a combo dosha? Thanks! Best, Arlyn.

I would like advice for Detoxing for Pitta/Vata body type this spring season. I have some occasional indigestion and constipation issues that I’d like to clear up and out! Sincerely, Stephanie.

Obsessed With Detox

Immediately after the last detox, I was psyched to sign up for the next. Now I’m hesitant. Why? Because I worry that I became too obsessed with it. I certainly did not do it perfectly- far from it. If anything I beat myself up for not doing it perfectly, for not listening to all the interviews, for not meditating longer, for not doing more yoga, for not sitting and just being.

Saying that, it reminds me I want to do it again! (To hit that reset button and try to improve myself.)But it did annoy my husband, because he saw me being a bit manic about it.
And, I got so much crap from him and friends: “You’re the healthiest person I know- why are you detoxing/you don’t need to detox/you’re already clean.”

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Doesn’t Want To Lose Weight

How can I detox without dropping too much weight? Initially, it was awesome and now the weight loss is ridiculous.

Eating Disorder

I am contemplating how (or if I even can) mindfully detox while dealing with an eating disorder. I’d love to hear your ideas on this topics. Thanks for all you do!

How To Detox If You’re Active Or An Athlete

First off, I’ve never done a detox before and am excited at the possibility of trying it with you this time :o) I would love to hear some comments about how to detox if you’re fairly active. I have an Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice 6 days a week. My practice is around 2hrs a day, and I want to make sure I fuel myself enough that I don’t burn out. I’m a healthy eater in general, but I’m beginning to tell (really almost feel) that my digestive system could use a break- and I’m looking forward to figuring out how to give it one!
Thanks for all you’re advice, always (I’m a big follower of your blog and podcasts!)


What is up for me heading into my next detox?


Are you still offering that if I get a few students and other teachers together? Yes. Click here.


Is it okay to detox when you are trying to get pregnant or possibly pregnant or in the early stages of pregnancy or even while breastfeeding? I am trying to get pregnant and wondering if a detox would be helpful or if it would be dangerous if I was already in those early early stages of pregnancy when you don’t yet know if you’re pregnant or not. I am pitta vata and both my pitta and my vata get aggravated when I don’t eat pretty much on schedule. Also, if detoxing is good at this stage of fertility, which kind of a detox would you recommend? Thanks! Fernanda Grisetti

April Yogidetox2


I’ve never craved cleansing this early.

Hi – I’m pretty new to you – but LOVE how you write and bring this information to the rest of us – THANK YOU! I have been interested in yoga and doing a slightly modified practice for a while. I love the idea of Ayurveda, but have a hard time with it as a complete ‘way of life’ . Been dealing with MS for 20 years. I walk using a walker. If you could address any ideas that might be relatively simple for those of us with mobility issues – and digestive issues, so juicing has been been very hard. Thanks, Barbara

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