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Ayurveda, Self Love, and Deep Nourishment with Talya Lutzker

I have an inspiring conversation today with Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of the Nourishment School, Talya Lutzker, about Ayurveda, nourishment, support, and self-love.We rap about shedding outdated habits and perspectives by adding in more of what we desire, rather than taking away that which we need less of. We discuss deep nourishment and how it shifts our minds and bodies and allows us to be available for next big change or growth period in our lives. We talk about slowing down in order to fully receive from a more...

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Our Top 5 Yogidetox Blog Posts of All Time

Autumn is finally here! And we would like to share to you this week our top 5 detox for fall. These will show you the WHY, HOW, WHEN and were hoping this will inspire you to join our Global Yogidetox  this coming October 12- Nov. 2.Here's our top 5 articles of all time. Enjoy. Interview With Cate On Juice Bar Detox 101 I was asked a bunch of questions by Sarah Murray, a student reporting on the juice bars of Chicago for HUBBUB blog. Here were my answers for "How long to juice...

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