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ROI (Return on Investment) of Detoxing

ROI (Return on Investment) of Detoxing

I wrote in my newsletter that those who join my Simple Detox April 7-28 can expect a 10x to 100x investment. It looks something like this. The Detox is $297. If you do it, and if you are teachable, here is how detox pays back.

Detox Return on Investment
$297 with a 10x ROI = $3000
$297 with a 100x ROI = $30,000

Jane will be our generic example. Parts of Jane’s story won’t be like you at all. And other parts might. 

Jane is 15-50 pounds overweight. She had a gym membership and did gym online with the pandemic. Jane likes hiking and yoga. Jane wishes she had a meditation practice, to decrease her anxiety, but it never sticks. She eats out (when there isn’t a global pandemic happening) around 5-7 per week, when you include lunches. Jane drinks at least a few bottles of wine per week. Her friendships are fun, but they aren’t progressively challenging her growth. She feels like she is trading time for money. Jane earns over $80k per year. If she has a partner the household income is over $190k. Her periods or perimenopausal symptoms are getting more difficult to manage. She is having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep.  Jane enjoys a few vacations a year –  to a tropical paradise or a ski trip. She always wishes she felt better in her bikini or ski pants.

So that’s Jane. Now let’s consider what is at stake if Jane detoxes or not. First, we need to make some value judgments. Let’s start by asking Jane what she values. This is what Jane says:…

I want to feel like I’m on top of my game. I want a raise. I know losing weight and getting better sleep would help me make that happen. I want to feel in charge of my time – and have more free time. I want more independence with my work. I want my salary and bonuses based on my performance. I know I’m drinking too much wine, but it’s hard to stop when my partner also enjoys wine.  I really just want to feel in charge of my life and on top of my game. I don’t want to keep going in the direction I’m currently heading – more wine, more weight, and hitting my head on the glass ceiling.  When I go on vacation I want to look great, but most of all I want to feel good in my body.

Ok. That’s Jane.
So, what could The Simple Detox do for Jane?

She values:

  • People on top of her game
  • Independence
  • High-performance work
  • Time
  • Growing income
  • Feeling good in her body

Often what people value is challenging to automate into daily habits. That is where detoxing comes in. And by people, I mean me and you and Jane.

One of my favorite exercises is finding the money. You might say this is a reallocation exercise. You are looking for where the money is currently going. First look for costs that feed inflammation – like eating out, convenience foods, and alcohol. Next, look for costs that are a result of the inflammation – like income plateauing, supplements and retail therapy.  You can also look for high cost items that have a low return on her end goals, like expensive vacations. Say for Jane, you go through the costs and discover:

Food Waste & Eating Out: $2400

Tropical Trip: $5000

Wine: $2500

Supplements $1200

Income Plateau: $4000/year ($40k for 10 years)

How does energy transaction correlates with our financial wellbeing?  Actions that accumulate regular deposits of “energy” -> How this prevents us from becoming overdrawn and taxed out on energy and finances.

1) Is there a way to quantify an average yearly expenditure of healthier eating vs unhealthy eating?

2) Longterm expenses with medical/psychological 

3) Saving money on cosmetic enhancements with aging