Essential Sales Skills for Yoga Teachers

Essential Sales Skills for Yoga Teachers

In the last lesson we talked about you leading an innovative journey.

Cate here, back with your six figure yoga teacher training. Read this – it’s from the Six Figure
Yoga Teacher book you invested in.

Take a minute. Think about who is your Jane? I’ll give you an example.

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Last time, we talked about what you really want. How you could lead a journey. How you could price it based on the value of the results. Now, let’s look at who might invest and how they’ll find the money.

Let’s say Jane is a professional woman between 40-55 years old. 
Jane earns over $80k per year. 
If she has a partner the household income is over $150k, and she is good with her money. She is 15-60 pounds overweight. 

Jane has a gym membership. She likes hiking and yoga. Jane wishes she had a meditation practice, to decrease her anxiety, but it never sticks. She eats out (when there isn’t a global pandemic happening) around 5-7 times per week, when you include lunches. Jane drinks at least a few bottles of wine per week. Her friendships are fun, but they aren’t progressive. She feels like she is trading time for money. Her periods and perimenopausal symptoms are getting more difficult to manage. She is having a hard time getting a good night's sleep.  Jane enjoys a few vacations a year –to a tropical paradise or a ski trip. She always wishes she felt better in her bikini or ski pants.

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Now, in talking with Jane about what she most deeply wants in life she says the following: I want to feel like I’m on top of my game. I want a raise. I know losing weight and getting better sleep would help me make that happen. I want to feel in charge of my time and have more free time. I want more independence with my work. I want my salary and bonuses based on my performance. I know I’m drinking too much wine, but it’s hard to stop when my partner also enjoys wine.  I really just want to feel in charge of my life and on top of my game. I don't want to keep going in the direction I’m currently heading –more wine, more weight and hitting my head on the glass ceiling.  When I go on vacation I want  to look great, but most of all I want to feel good in my body.

Say you talk to Jane about the group you are forming. That you’ll be guiding a Woman’s Wisdom Club –a breakthrough group, to have the best years of their life now. The tuition is $420 a month for 12 months. Let’s find the money in your current monthly expenses, so you can make a good investment in yourself. It’ll pay back in spades for decades. 

One of my favorite exercises is finding money. You might say this is a reallocation exercise. You are looking for where the money is currently going. First look for costs that feed inflammation –like eating out, convenience foods and alcohol. Next, look for costs that are a result of the inflammation like income plateauing, supplements and retail therapy. You can also look for high cost items that have a low return on her end goals, like expensive vacations. Say for Jane, you go through the costs and discover:

  • Food Waste & Eating Out: $2400
  • Tropical Trip: $5000
  • Wine: $2500
  • Supplements: $1200
  • Income Plateau: $4000/year ($40k for 10 years)

As you see above, the biggest cost for Jane is the opportunity cost of income plateau. This is common with chronic inflammation due to fatigue and the lack of focus and ambition that accompanies the systemic condition. Jane isn’t confident in her body. She isn’t getting good sleep. She doesn’t seem to be performing as well at work. Because she is a career professional, she has an opportunity in the marketplace to increasingly earn higher performance pay. A 5% raise at her $80000 a year job is $4000.If she were to wake up to her potential, dial in her body rhythms and live healthier habits, it’s not at all unreasonable to believe she could increase her salary by $20,000 a year over the next few years. There are plenty of examples of how this happens every year, in every industry, in every economy. It’s always a function of being on top of your game and becoming increasingly useful in whatever is currently happening in the marketplace. If you are under-slept and bloated with sugar from wine, you’ll miss growth opportunities on a daily basis.

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When you talk to Jane you’ll want to ask her to describe what winning would look like to her. You’ll need to give it the twelve month time frame, because we’ve already determined that that is enough time to get big results. You need to do this BEFORE you talk about your unique unicorn of a transformational journey.

You can use the Dan Sullivan question, “Jane, if we were having this conversation twelve months from today, and you were looking back at the past twelve months, what would have needed to happen for you to feel happy with your results?”

Then you listen. 

You listen hard. 

You make sure you know all aspects of what winning looks like for Jane in 12 months. Take notes so you can be sure of where she is starting now (A) and where she wants to be (B) in her own words. Understand what is stopping her from getting there on her own.

The big question for you is do you believe you could get Jane to excellent results in one year? Remember how you would guide her over the course of the year. Recall what is included in your package to get her to results. 

If so, the big question for Jane, for her to make this huge leap in her life is, how tired is she of being stuck? Tired enough to invest in a new path for herself?

Make sure Jane is aware she is making a choice. Either life on top of her, or her on top of life. A choice must be made.

Her old way of investing her money isn’t getting her what she wants. Is she uncomfortable enough to change her pattern of investing? 

Then, check in with your gut, with your heart. 

How, specifically, does your journey solve her problems? Ask her about, if she is part of a club of fun, progressive women who are all drinking less, cooking healthier and losing weight, if that would be helpful. Ask her if weekly check ins and action steps would help her. Ask her targeted questions that connect how you might help her with how she has already identified she needs help. 

If so, you can say something like, “Jane, based on what you’ve told me about how you're feeling, where you're stuck, and what you could reasonably do if you felt great, it sounds like we should get you on track to feeling great.”

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Ask her if she wants to hear how you could help her. Then, pause. She will say yes.

Then, tell her about Your Exclusive Membership Club (give it a name, for Pete’s sake!). Tell her specifically in ways that relate back to her current challenges. Ask her, if she did all of the things that were in your journey, what would happen for her?  Ask her “Does the transformational journey (Woman’s Wisdom Club) sound like an effective plan of action to you?”

If Jane says “Yes”, then ask her if she is ready for you to guide her into feeling great. Now that you know who Jane is, the next question is where do you find 20 Jane’s

Jane has friends and colleagues. Jane also has psychographics and demographics, perhaps, of the people you feel most called to serve. Some yoga teachers wig out about marketing (not to mention sales, but I’m beating that with a stick at this point). Marketing is simply being helpful for free.

Understand there is a process by which leads become members.

The process of engaging a lead is to find out what health issues they have, to be interested in assessing if you could help them feel good in a year, and to help them understand there is a journey that you offer that would get them to results. The entire procedure of attracting prospects, growing to understand their next level needs, and helping them invest in themselves is a step by step process that ultimately prepares the prospect in their new role as a course member.

Access the Sales Training in your 6-Figure Yoga Teacher TOOLKIT

In my courses, membership is transformational. We lead with a dynamic group culture. You get engaged at your growing edge. You get to ride the momentum of the group. This means easier and faster results. In your leadership this will translate.

It’s important to respect the function of each stage of the process. When each stage moves the lead towards experiencing what a group member experiences, there is a magnetic pull to being part of exactly what they have been looking for, though they didn’t even know it existed, before they found you.

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