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KItchen Closed

KItchen Closed

“What should I eat?” 

This question is a hallmark of people who don’t have a long enough fast time. A better question is when should you stop eating. 

When should YOU close your kitchen?

Closing your kitchen is a simple way to train yourself to eat within certain hours. What is your eating window? Put a sign in your kitchen or an alert on your phone to tell you when your kitchen is closed. 

A simple sign announcing to yourself when your kitchen is open to you is all that is needed. 

You don’t have to always stick to your hours. Just enough of the time to make a difference in how you feel.  The point isn’t more rules -the point is a better rhythm.

When you put a sign in your kitchen you are architecting your environment to reinforce your new habit. Architecting your environment is the biggest factor in habit evolution. As epigenetics is the discovery that the environment our cells swim in determines their health, the environment you create for yourself determines your habits.

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