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Weight Issues + Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Weight Issues + Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

If an adult is obese there is a 50% increase in the propensity that their child will be obese. As a species, we survive based on our connectedness. The habits we are raised with easily override our bodies’ natural intelligence. 

In the US, the global trendsetter of modern disease, more than two-thirds (68.8%) of adults are considered overweight or obese. More than one-third (35.7%) of adults are considered obese. Almost 3 in 4 men (74%) are considered overweight or obese. 

Being overweight is simply hard on the body and hard on mental and emotional health. The weight signifies the body has more matter than it can digest. For the body and mind, higher quantity of inputs means lower quality of outputs. When the output is your energy, your mood, and the shape you’re in, the stakes for high quality, low quantity inputs in very high.

The excess mass within cells, and excess white fat cells, create a toxicity within the body. The body is a system. Inefficiency, due to poorly digested intercellular materials generates inflammation. When the habits of an excessive weight pattern continue over time,  inflammation goes chronic. The body loses efficiency, intelligence and resilience. 

Not all chronic inflammation shows up as excess weight. But, all of excess weight is a sign of chronic inflammation. 

Did your great grandparents have chronic inflammation? How would you know? Were they overweight? When you look back at old photographs, one of the first thing most people notice is that almost no one was carrying extra weight. Those folks are lean, lithe, hardworking peeps. They ate two or three times a day. Snacks and supplements were not on the menu. Real food was the only option, and it wasn’t usually wasted inside or outside of the body. Screens weren’t around. Time was spent looking at the night sky, which was visible before light pollution.

Times have changed. 

Remember what people’s bodies looked like before processed food, convenience food, late nights, habituated snacking, and loads of sedentary screen time. Knowing what your students are up against is important for guiding them to personal success and body wisdom.

Accepting what we’re up against – from the modern food industry to the bombardment of drug-pushing commercials and advertisements – is one of the pivotal steps for you to get into a parallel culture of those who have the habits of our human ancestors  – rather than the habits of modern humans.

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Not digesting what you take in is a very bad habit. 

That bad habit will make you cranky. Then dis-eased as your body can’t keep up with the waste and very mild internal toxicity settles in. 

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