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Holistic Colonoscopy Preparation

Holistic Colonoscopy Preparation

f you want to see the glass half full the colonoscopy procedure is an opportunity for a mini cleanse. Or you can schedule your colonoscopy during a cleanse or detox and it won’t seem as inconvenient.

The prep for the colonoscopy is what gives the procedure a bad rap. In a detox state you’re not eating your pleasure – you’re detoxing for radiant longevity.

As the prep requires your mouth to anus channel to be empty you can easy into that state. Rather than eating normal food then flushing it out, aggressively, and all at once, you can reduce what you’re eating.

Two thing to keep in mind about your colonoscopy:

  1. You can keep hydrated throughout the process
  2. Replenish your gut microbiome after with live bacteria fermented foods.

If you are all in on your radiant longevity – you can also replenish your colon microbiome with urine enemas. A urine enema is exactly what it sounds like – you reinject your pee into your butt hole.

How to Prepare for a Healthy Colonoscopy

  1. Avoid meat, steer away from gluten
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables, soups, marinate your salads in dressing to soften the cellulose fibers
  3. Get live bacteria fermented foods for after your colonoscopy to replenish gut bacteria. Probiotics won’t be as effective as fermented foods.

Prep Day 

  • Boil a gallon of distilled or spring water with 8 teaspoons of salt so that the salt dissolves. Allow to return to room temperature.
  • Do a salt water flush right when you wake up (1 quart)
  • Rehydrate with coconut water or celery juice. Only clear liquids. No smoothies or anything with fiber
  • If you do urine therapy – you can also loop as much as you want
  • Every 3 hours to another salt water flush.
  • When you poop out only thin yellow liquid you are done. 

Day of colonoscopy

  • Do not drink any liquids before your appointment.
  • After your colonoscopy eat fermented foods like live bacteria sauerkraut, miso soup. Avoid sugary yogurts.
  • Drink coconut water to replenish electrolytes
  • If you do urine therapy also drink urine and do a urine enema to replenish electrolytes 

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